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Autumn leaves

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Greta Tue 13-Oct-20 15:16:25

The wonders of nature.

twinnytwin Thu 15-Oct-20 14:19:54

Very nice.

EllanVannin Thu 15-Oct-20 14:23:59

As a child I used to press Autumn leaves in various books because there were so many colours of them. A lovely time, and so lovely to see the wonders of nature.

FannyCornforth Thu 15-Oct-20 14:42:16

When I was a primary TA, I used to laminate them and stick them on the windows.
Greta what have you done with your leaves? They look lovely.

V3ra Thu 15-Oct-20 15:06:39

We have a "seasonal tree" in my playroom. (It was one I had for Christmas and couldn't bear to put away!).
I've taken the summer butterflies off now but left the black rats we made for Chinese New Year.

Last week the children had great fun chasing the fallen leaves swirling around in the wind, and I've put one on each branch of the tree. It looks really effective!

Greta Fri 16-Oct-20 15:33:24

FannyCornforth , it takes a little bit of time but is very easy.
-Wash leaves in bucket of water
-Dry them between sheets of newspaper and weigh them down with heavy books or similar
-When dry glue leaves onto thickish paper of any colour.
-Cut around leaves and leave a bit of paper showing

V3ra, your tree looks magical.

V3ra Fri 16-Oct-20 17:25:06

Thank you Greta ?

Witzend Sun 18-Oct-20 06:49:55

They are gorgeous, and thanks for instructions! Something nice to do with Gdcs (if I can see them again while there are still leaves, if not then next year.)

fevertree Sun 18-Oct-20 07:56:11

Lovely idea and my creative brain is working over time smile - the leaves could be glued on to coloured paper or card (I have gold card) - or the outline could be accented in gold. The white does look nice too!