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Sewing silk - is it fiddly?

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Pantglas2 Thu 12-Nov-20 18:25:36

I’ve bought some silk chiffon (in the sale, of course?) with a view to making a couple of pillowcases - they’re meant to be good for hair and skin and a shocking price to buy.

Has anyone sewn silk and do you have any tips?

Chewbacca Thu 12-Nov-20 18:42:24

I've only ever hand stitched it Pantglas. It's very slippy! The only way that I could handle it was to roll the edges of the fabric, lightly take into place and then slip stitch but I'm not sure if that would work if you're wanting to make it into pillowcases.

Blossoming Thu 12-Nov-20 18:47:57

Some good tips on this YouTube channel I’m subscribed to.

vegansrock Thu 12-Nov-20 18:48:20

I’ve made lots of couture garments and lingerie and the best tip is pin, baste, sew with fine needle and small stitch. you could put tissue paper underneath so the silk doesn’t get chewed up which you pull off afterwards.

Pantglas2 Thu 12-Nov-20 18:52:39

Thanks Chewbacca- I read that someone had used wonderweb to hold everything in place and then sewn it all up on the machine.

I’m using the selvedges for the short sides of the rectangle and will french seam the two longer sides to stop fraying - I’ll play around with a small piece first to check tension, stitch length etc

Chewbacca Thu 12-Nov-20 19:06:48

You'll be in good company with your silk pillowslips Pantglas! Apparently Gwinny Paltrow swears that using them is responsible for her flawless complexion!

Maggiemaybe Thu 12-Nov-20 19:47:59

I treated myself to a silk pillowcase recently and just love the feel of it. The silk’s supposed to be kind to fine hair, and minimise breakage and split ends.

Obviously my complexion was already flawless like Gwinny’s, so there’ll be no change there. grin

Pantglas2 Wed 18-Nov-20 09:40:45

Just an update to let you know that it all went well, a lot easier than I anticipated actually.

Used tissue paper, 70needle, smallest stitching and correct upper and lower tension. A small piece of sellotape over the plate so that material couldn’t be dragged under and followed the tutorials Blossoming recommended.

I slept like a ? - wish my face was as!

Magnolia62 Mon 23-Nov-20 20:36:50

@Pantglas2 did you just make a normal pillow case? I ask because I have made loads of pillow cases from old sheets and duvet covers and my dil wants a silk one for Christmas. I thought I could make one or two much cheaper than buying them. So, French seams, but did you include a zip? Just a normal size pillow case? Thank you.

Pantglas2 Mon 23-Nov-20 21:22:33

Hi Magnolia- I didn’t bother with a zip or a closure as they’re just for me and are literally, pillow slips, in which I just place my one ‘sleeping on’ pillow.

I may make some for DD and DGD and put some ribbon ties on to finish them off. You could of course make Oxford pillowcases or plain housewife and so much cheaper than buying them, even in a sale!

Tweedle24 Mon 23-Nov-20 22:10:55

A walking foot might help too.
I am on a Fb group, Madam Sew, and have picked up some wonderful tips. The work that people show on there is amazing.