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Quilting/Sewing/Embr oidery Machines - recommendations please

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Happysexagenarian Thu 19-Nov-20 11:39:39

I started teaching myself machine quilting last year and really enjoy it. I've made several small quilts and would like to some make bigger ones (king size), but it would be a real struggle to fit them through my Janome MC4800 machine. So... I'm looking for a long arm machine with a wide throat, ideally a machine which will also do hooped embroidery so that I can personalise my quilts and other sewing projects. I've checked out some of the big brand names and some are horrendously expensive. My budget is maximum £2500-£3000. Can anyone suggest or recommend a suitable machine in this price range? I'll be keeping my Janome as we know each other so well!

Nellie098 Thu 19-Nov-20 13:22:45

It's difficult at present to find a good range of sewing and other machines due the demand over lockdown. Have you seen the Janome Atelier 9 on Sewing Street? At least you can see it in action on Youtube in a Sewing Street video but you may have to search for it. They have a split pay option which helps. Also it is worth keeping an eye out on Hochanda and Create and Craft in case they have something in stock and show a demonstration. With such a large investment it may be worth hanging in there until lockdown eases but if you are like me you want it now.

Doodle Thu 19-Nov-20 15:57:29

Brother are another good make you might want to look at. I have their 1800Q quilting machine and I love it.

JackyB Thu 19-Nov-20 16:00:41

I don't do quilting but I love watching quilting/sewing/crafting videos on YouTube. Those ladies seem to all prefer Bernina.

Happysexagenarian Thu 19-Nov-20 18:47:55

Nellie Thank you for your quick reply, I'll explore the websites and videos you mention. I don't need it in a hurry, but as you say, once I decide to buy something I want it NOW! I'd love to find a good Black Friday deal but I suspect these hightec machines don't drop in price very often. I'll keep searching....

Happysexagenarian Thu 19-Nov-20 18:50:18

I'll also take a look at Bernina it's a brand I haven't looked at yet. Thank you for that tip.

vegansrock Thu 19-Nov-20 19:21:33

Bernina is the best. Have a look at the 570 QE.

Susie42 Tue 24-Nov-20 09:56:52

If I were ever to buy an embroidery machine I would go for a Brother as they seem to be used by people who embroider stuff to order. Again I would recommend Sewing Machines Direct or Sewing Machine World if you are considering buying on line as their advice and service is excellent.