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Sewing machine buying advice?

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Bagels Mon 23-Nov-20 11:10:38

My Janome 7025 stopped working after 7 years because the hand wheel jammed. I got it repaired and serviced and the belt was replaced but it stopped working again soon after. I wanted to find something around £300 that will last hopefully, I need it to free motion quilt so I'm thinking I need a more powerful motor, I suspect that's what wore out my Janome.

Will a Janome 7025 Even Feed Walking Foot work on a Singer Heavy Duty 4423? I read that even though in general they're compatible and they're both low shank, Janome have proprietary feet. They are sometimes interchangeable but Janome have the hole in the needle plate slightly further back than other kind of machines. Will my specific model's walking foot will fit?

Also any other machines close to this one in price or better value that anyone would reccommend over this one? I was looking at this model as well (if I can find it cheaper):

Farmor15 Mon 23-Nov-20 12:07:38

I bought a Husqvarna Emerald 116 to replace an Elna I'd had for about 45 years which finally broke down! I haven't used a walking foot with it, but it takes accessories from an ancient Singer my mother had. It seems a sturdy machine - not computer controlled - I prefer the manual controls.

I would avoid Singer these days - poor reports. Also, it's better to buy from a proper sewing machine shop. Would the place you got your Janome repaired previously be any help? When I was replacing my Elna, the shop I went to allowed me to try out a number of models.

Susie42 Mon 23-Nov-20 12:28:50

Avoid today’s Singers or buying from somewhere like Argos and I’m not that impressed with John Lewis these days. I think you will have a problem finding a machine under about £400 as there seems to be a shortage country wide of the cheaper machines. My local dealer only has top of the range machines at the present time. I would say buy from a sewing machine dealer but if you go down the on line route I can recommend Sewing Machines Direct or Sewing Machine World, both companies will give excellent advice and service.

Antonia Mon 23-Nov-20 13:41:58

I've had this one for over five years, it's been excellent.

Bagels Tue 24-Nov-20 13:55:32

Thank you for the replies, I might be able to get the machine I linked on Amazon at a cheap price from someone but will have to see, it's manufacturer is Frister & Rossman, any thoughts? Would you say I should get a heavy duty machine?

grandtanteJE65 Tue 24-Nov-20 13:59:43

I have no idea what sewing machines cost in the UK, but I would recommend either Pfaff or Brother.

I have a Pfaff, which I am pleased with, but I am not sure it is strong enough to do quilting. I use my 1926 Singer for things like that, but don't buy a modern one. They are living off their name these days.

Bagels Thu 26-Nov-20 08:07:06

It's good to see the brands and models which are working for people, I was told Janome is the best brand and that they use superb quality internals?

Trying to decide which model/brand is best for quilting but I know someone who will do machine I mentioned before for £150 (like new condition, barely used) so I'd appreciate everyone's thoughts, is it worth trying at this price? I think a good heavy duty would cost me a lot more.

It also has quite a few extras like extension table which I will be needing too:

Lilypops Thu 26-Nov-20 08:14:34

I definitely would go to a sewing machine shop for advice and help in choosing your model. Then you will always have somewhere to go for any technical help.
I have had a Toyota for about 20 years , I bought from a dealer, it’s been a great machine and have only had to go back to the shop twice,
Good luck in finding the machine you want , What would we do without our sewing machines , ?

GrannyLaine Thu 26-Nov-20 08:16:19

For sheer quality I would always choose a secondhand Bernina, I have four of varying ages, all mechanical rather than computerised machines and they just go on for ever if well cared for. You could probably get either an 830 Record or 930 Record in your budget - some of the best machines ever made

grannysyb Thu 26-Nov-20 09:05:51

I used to have a Janome, which was OK, but managed to buy a second hand Pfaff which has an integrated walking foot, I'm really pleased with it. I am a member of the sewing, and bought it from another member. They have lots of advice on there, some people have three or four machines!

kathyd Sat 28-Nov-20 14:03:54

I bought mine online from Jaycotts - good service and they sent it to France free of charge.
I had an Elna, bought in the 60s and replaced it with a Janome which I am very happy with. Much lighter than the Elna.

sam701730 Mon 22-Nov-21 08:00:41

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pen50 Wed 24-Nov-21 15:54:29

This is mine:

I got an ex display model from Coles of Nottingham and paid £600. No extension table but I don't need it as I have a cabinet it fits in.

I loves it, my precious...

JaneJudge Wed 24-Nov-21 16:52:37

Husqvarna are very good as domestic machine

Nannarose Wed 24-Nov-21 17:22:33

I wouldn't use the walking foot across brands as they are quite finely tuned.
Silver Viscount do have a very good reputation, I don't have one, but our local shop swear by them.
I would go to the best sewing machine shop you can find in your area, tell them your budget and what you need. They should have a good understanding of what you need your machine to do. You may well be better with a second-hand, well maintained machine than a new one.
Do you still feel happy with the shop you used?
A good shop has a vested interest in giving you good value, as they want to keep you as a customer.
I personally doubt that you would get what you need new for £300 but I don't do any free motion or quilting, so can't specifically advise.

ayse Wed 24-Nov-21 18:57:00

I bought a ‘cheaper’ Bernini more than 30 years ago and it’s still going strong. I agree with Jenny. They are very solid and reliable machines with all the internals being metal. This is my second Bernina. My machines must have done thousands of miles. They even sew denim. In mine the needle has five postitions, the presser is super adjustable. I also have a Toyota as a spare for when the Bernina needs a service.

My daughter has a Janome that she’s very happy with. It does do quilting and is a great machine for the sewing she does.

Katie59 Wed 24-Nov-21 21:58:23

I needed a machine to do heavy curtains, my modern machine wouldn’t look at it, so I decided to look for a semi industrial machine found a 1960s Rickard for £40. It’s a really smooth runner and will stitch slowly, ideal for curtains and upholstery, just basic stitches and zig zag.
Plenty of S/H machines on EBay some quite new.