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Newquay Sat 28-Nov-20 22:41:12

I have a friend-in her fifties-who is not very dexterous. She is a strange lady, sort of Aspergers. She’s all alone in the world. She’s taken it into her head to knit. She’s bought some cotton mix, no pattern and wants to knit a simple jumper! We can’t meet at the mo cos of the circumstances. She has one room in a lodging house and the lady next to her is helping a little. She has cast on some stitches for her. I suggested she does a sample of, say, a few rows knit then alternating with purl. Any suggestions?

Hithere Sat 28-Nov-20 22:50:47

YouTube has great tutorials

Newquay Sat 28-Nov-20 23:14:59

Don’t think she can do YouTube ?

Doodledog Sat 28-Nov-20 23:18:41

Can she follow a pattern? If so, she could find one that suits the yarn she has by looking on Ravelry.

She can filter by yarn weight and difficulty level, as well as other factors, and can see what the finished result would look like on people of all shapes and sizes if they have uploaded photos.

Alternatively, she could search by the yarn itself, and see what other people have knitted in it, or you could do this for her and suggest the pattern to her.

If she can't follow a pattern, maybe a jumper is a bit ambitious when she has nobody to help her; but if she's set on the idea, oversize ones with narrow sleeves are popular (check out 'Boxy' on Ravelry) and she could achieve that look by making two rectangles sewn together, and adding simple sleeves, bearing in mind that the body of the jumper will be very loose, so the sleeves will start at roughly the elbow. The Boxy pattern is probably too advanced for a beginner, as it incorporates short rows to shape the neck - your friend might be better with a simpler slash neck.

Hithere Sun 29-Nov-20 01:55:39

How about a pullover for a doll?

Fuchsiarose Sun 29-Nov-20 05:04:59

Some Japanese knitting instructions are followed by looking at a picture chart rather than written instructions

Newquay Tue 01-Dec-20 22:28:22

Thank you-you’re all so kind. She’s going to go to the knitting stall in the market to ask for help there-meanwhile I think she’s practicing on a few rows

25Avalon Tue 01-Dec-20 22:36:58

I think a jumper is a little too adventurous for a beginner. Why not try something simple to start with like a headband or a scarf that you don’t need a pattern for although you can get plenty of free ones on Ravelry as Doodledog has suggested.

Coolgran65 Tue 01-Dec-20 22:45:13

What about starting with something simple but useful.
I often knit dishcloths using 100% cotton yarn. That way they can go into the washing machine and can be bleached. This yarn makes the best dishcloths ever. My friends love to receive a couple every now and again. And a lovely wee gift to tie with a piece of ribbon.

Cast on 40 stitches and knit to whatever size you want. Start with garter stitch.
Progress to a two row pattern with a garter stitch border.

Knit using two strands of yarn and using garter stitch make the best ever oven cloths to lift out hot dishes.

This might provide a sense of accomplishment very quickly.
3 dishcloths from a ball of yarn. Easily available from Amazon.

Coolgran65 Tue 01-Dec-20 22:47:12

I should have said .... a lovely wee gift to fold two or three and tie with a piece of ribbon.

Newquay Mon 07-Dec-20 17:31:22

Thank you all folks. Someone else suggested vests for charity but don’t think she ever thinks of anyone else. It’s just so frustrating not being able to help her.

Callistemon Mon 07-Dec-20 17:55:47

I think knitting herself a scarf might be a good start. A jumper would be rather ambitious and, if it's too difficult, she may get frustrated.

If she can achieve a scarf to wear in the cold weather it might give her a sense of achievement and she could tackle a jumper next.

Ravelry, AllfreeKnitting, Deramores and other sites have free patterns if someone could download and print one for her.

etheltbags1 Mon 07-Dec-20 18:49:42

Why not make a scarf. Cast on about 40 stitches and just let her knit until she thinks its long enough

Sparkling Fri 18-Dec-20 05:36:50

I would go with a scarf too, as wide and as colourful as she wishes. It could be done in just garter stitch and look good, or in a rib throughout. How very sad she's all alone in the world, especially in these awfully isolating times, it must be so very hard for her, I'm glad she has you looking out for her. Bring on the vaccine.