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ginny Fri 04-Dec-20 13:47:33

I have really enjoyed the two on line art classes that I have done recently.

I don’t think the art critics will be rushing to offer me an exhibition any time soon but at least I tried.
Practice makes perfect they say.

LauraNorder Fri 04-Dec-20 13:53:19

Lovely Ginny. I particularly like the rainy scene, it's so difficult to get that dull wet day look and you have made it look easy. The light is great. Brilliant.

Waterloosunset Fri 04-Dec-20 14:06:26

Oh wow, if I could produce something like that, I would be so proud! I would love to try but don’t know where to start - there are so many online courses. Beautiful work, thanks ever so much for sharing Ginny.

Lillie Fri 04-Dec-20 14:08:46

I like the second blue grey one.
Perhaps you could start a class for us on here.

travelsafar Fri 04-Dec-20 14:24:13

Absolutely beautiful. How clever you are. Have you a link to the classes?

Luckygirl Fri 04-Dec-20 14:25:32

After 2 lessons?! - well done!

ginny Fri 04-Dec-20 14:55:27

Not sure if I have done the link correctly. It should take you to Brush Party.

Thanks for your comments.

This company does painting parties, often in pubs ( in normal times). It is great to end a couple of hours with a finished recognisable painting.

LadyGracie Fri 04-Dec-20 15:11:12

Really beautiful work, I’d be so proud to paint like that.

Callistemon Fri 04-Dec-20 15:16:57

The prize for today's GN's Christmas competition is a series of online art lessons:

Callistemon Fri 04-Dec-20 15:18:36

I pressed post too soon - well done, ginny, they are both lovely.
I ought to get back to art but am in need of lessons as I'd reached the limit of my somewhat limited capabilities.

ginny Fri 04-Dec-20 16:31:16

Thanks for the reminder Callistemon.