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Christmas cards with no greetings - I need some labels!

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jellybeanjean Thu 10-Dec-20 18:06:13

I've managed to buy a couple of dozen Christmas cards with no greeting inside. I'm unable to write/hold a pen at the moment due to thumb surgery and I'm trying to find some self-adhesive labels printed with a simple greeting - just "with best wishes for a merry christmas and a happy new year" or similar, to stick inside. I've googled everything I can think of but with no luck. Can some clever crafters tell me where to get some? I can type but not without some pain (and I really am not supposed to), so I can't create my own labels in Word. I'd be really grateful for any help/suggestions.

chelseababy Thu 10-Dec-20 18:08:34

You can get stamps and an ink pad from for example Hobbycraft but I think they might be sold out.

Pantglas2 Thu 10-Dec-20 18:09:55

What about an ink pad and stamp with whichever greeting you want? By the way, who will write your name inside and then address the envelope?

Jaxjacky Thu 10-Dec-20 18:19:18

Vistaprint do them.

Westcoaster Thu 10-Dec-20 18:21:34

Are you able to print some card inners on a computer? I make cards and quite often do things this way, easy to cut to size and stick inside ... I usually use double sided tape, but a basic glue would do too.
You can write your own greeting, plus add in your name. smile

jellybeanjean Fri 11-Dec-20 10:41:14

Pantglas2, I've already got labels saved on PC for addresses and my husband can probably sign our names if I nag him enough!

jellybeanjean Fri 11-Dec-20 10:42:01

Really helpful replies, thanks so much. I have a few ideas now.

B9exchange Fri 11-Dec-20 10:52:30

You can buy A4 sheets of labels and use the Avery templates online to design your greeting, minimal typing, just peel and stick them inside your cards?

If you have a scanner, you could do one signature, scan it in and put onto separate label sheets and stick those in too?

MawBe Fri 11-Dec-20 10:56:06


Pantglas2, I've already got labels saved on PC for addresses and my husband can probably sign our names if I nag him enough!

No disrespect jellybean but why the wotsit isn’t he doing them instead of you ?
It’s true what they say, when a man marries he need never write another greetings card in his entire life apart from a birthday and anniversary card for his wife - if he remembers!

shysal Fri 11-Dec-20 12:00:33

How about something like this, although time is running out for delivery?
I am another who types out greetings and prints off onto sticky-backed paper. I also have some printable transparent self adhesive sheets which look quite professional. I enjoy experimenting with fonts, shading and colours for the words.

JackyB Fri 11-Dec-20 14:48:10

I hope you find something, jean.

I can't imagine you could manage a stamp - that would be harder than typing labels, which you say you're not even supposed to do.

If you can't persuade your DH to help you, why not just save the cards till next year and phone everyone.

BlueBelle Fri 11-Dec-20 14:52:59

Well if you ve got a husband on hand can’t you get him to write one out then you can duplicate it on your printer

Lucretzia Fri 11-Dec-20 14:53:40

Hello there, jellybeanjean!

I see you have lots of good ideas.

Just another option is Etsy. They have lots of choice This is just one of them.

Good luck!

Marydoll Fri 11-Dec-20 14:59:37

This as well.

SpringyChicken Fri 11-Dec-20 18:03:32

I'd buy more cards and put the others away for next year.