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Rainbow Babies Mark II

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Callistemon Wed 10-Feb-21 12:16:16

even the sewing up wasn’t too much of a PITA!

I might but I've just started a poncho which has a long way to go!

Witzend Wed 10-Feb-21 10:36:12

Are you going to make some, @Callistemon?

I did adapt the pattern slightly because of the stripes, i.e. an odd row more or less so they’d start on the right side. And used no. 10 needles instead of 11s, so they’d be a wee bit bigger. Plus didn’t bother with the scarf or the ‘buttons’, hardly needed with stripes.
Very easy though - even the sewing up wasn’t too much of a PITA!

Yesterday morning I was still in my dressing gown at 11.30 am having thought, ‘I’ll just knit one arm,’ followed by, ‘Might as well do the other,’ followed by, ‘Might as well start the hat,’ followed by, ‘Might as well finish it now I’ve started...’ 😂

Callistemon Tue 09-Feb-21 20:47:37

I found the pattern online.

ginny Tue 09-Feb-21 20:33:03

Very cute.

NotSpaghetti Tue 09-Feb-21 18:34:36

Yes. I hope they bring some comfort and pleasure.
I'm sure they will.

.... the little knitted hat given to my last grandchild in intensive care to keep them warm made me weep with gratitude.
Such a small thing - but in the strange twilight world of intensive care, it was a little bit of love and humanity.

Squiffy Tue 09-Feb-21 17:32:13

Adorable! Well done smile

Callistemon Tue 09-Feb-21 17:27:41

They are lovely!

Cs783 Tue 09-Feb-21 17:17:17


Esspee Tue 09-Feb-21 16:58:46

Love them.

Witzend Tue 09-Feb-21 16:55:46

The free pattern is so much better than the one in the booklet I shelled out £7 for!!
I shall post the other two off as well, anyway.
(Doesn’t look like it in the pic, but the eyes do stand out.)