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beautybumble Tue 09-Mar-21 13:03:53

Hi. I've just uploaded a picture here, but not sure if it worked. Anyway, I find lately that I have a real bug for making new things. It's nice to know there are others here that have the same passion for crafts. I made this one a few days ago (if the pic turns up) and now in the middle of more different style bags. Thats my thing at the moment, bags and purses. Hope you're managing to keep well and busy.

BlueSapphire Fri 02-Apr-21 11:09:24

I'm into knitting, and like to know that I have something new to start as soon as I've finished the current project. So I'm building up a stash of wool and patterns!

Nannina Fri 02-Apr-21 11:29:41

Lovely make. I’m like Witzend- a knitting fan. I usually make for charities as my sons (33 and 35) don’t seem to want the picture knits they loved as youngsters-can’t think why😀. My 14 year old granddaughter (only go) wants designer labels on everything. Occasionally friends etc ask me to do things but as the online group offers me a wide variety of projects for a lot of charities I’m never stuck for things to make. I’m currently making a red and white blanket and red hats for babies in a hospital project. I don’t know what I would have done without my knitting this last year

Krispii Fri 02-Apr-21 11:33:08


That really is a lovely bag.

I would like to learn crochet. When I can get out to buy the materials, I may try You Tube lessons.

You can learn all sorts of crochet on Youtube - just be aware that they may use American terminology for the stitches. Somehow, the UK and US have different stitches with the same names.
I learned to make granny squares with my dear Auntie when I was 8 or 9 years old, did a bit of knitting when my babies were born but not done anything for years until I had the urge to make a cot blanket for our latest DGD who was born in November weighing in at a tiny 3bs 15oz. Since then, I have never NOT had a crochet project on the go.
I've found lots of new techniques to try, the latest being a corner to corner blanket which was surprisingly easy and looked fab in a self striping yarn.
Now I seem to have a bit of an obsession for buying yarn... I guess there are worse thing to buy! :D

Notright Fri 02-Apr-21 11:35:06

If you make a few you could sell them. Or take orders in specific colours.

Witzend Fri 02-Apr-21 11:38:34

Me too, Nannina - knitting has been a bit of a lifeline during lockdowns, especially since I’ve never been one to enjoy ‘keeping busy’ with cleaning and sorting out cupboards, etc.!

There’s no sense in make jumpers for Gdcs - the other granny is a whizz at jumpers (more skilled than I am) and they always have plenty.

Besides the C-word things I’m also making a big blanket for charity - that’s for mindless knitting after dinner when the TV’s on. Can’t see that being finished much before the winter, though.

Trisha57 Fri 02-Apr-21 11:40:29

Beautiful bag, Candelle. I agree that the black border makes the fabric colour zing! I've got my old sewing machine out and have made loads of clothes for my GC. Dresses, shorts, shirts, pyjamas, tops, jumpsuits. My DD is now saying that GD needs a new wardrobe to fit them all in! I just can't stop and love starting on a new project and seeing it all come together. Perhaps I'll sew something for myself soon......grin

HannahLoisLuke Fri 02-Apr-21 11:42:58

I love crafting. Recently made new cushion covers and curtains but my current thing is decorating bird boxes. The ones pictured are for my daughter who’s kept me busy painting them for herself and friends.

HannahLoisLuke Fri 02-Apr-21 11:44:17

Can’t post more than one photo per message so here’s the next one.

HannahLoisLuke Fri 02-Apr-21 11:44:43

And anither

HannahLoisLuke Fri 02-Apr-21 11:45:34

Current one, unfinished.

HannahLoisLuke Fri 02-Apr-21 11:46:16

Didn’t post. Never mind, wasn’t finished anyway.

HannahLoisLuke Fri 02-Apr-21 11:50:55

Tom Daley the Olympic diver has also got into knitting and crochet in a big way during lockdown and has just finished a copy of a Gucci crochet dress for a friend of his. It’s identical to the designer one. He’s learned these skills in a year, so clever.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Fri 02-Apr-21 12:08:26

That is a Very nice bag! And also beautiful birds boxes.
I don't think, thankfully, there is a cure for the 'C' affliction.
I currently have 3 assorted lacemaking projects on the go: a length of lace for embellishing some clothing (as yet unknown which clothes!), a different type of lace for one of a series of coloured 'seasons' mats - this one is yellow, brown and pale orange for autumn, and another teensy piece which is part of a dolls house parasol.
Inspired by a village who are decorating with bunting to celebrate the start of easing of restrictions, I am now crocheting lots of triangles in different colours of wool oddments, to make bunting for the inside of our caravan awning to put up to celebrate our first stay later this month.
And as for the stash of materials and projects to start, would take too long to describe!
Enjoy your creativity, fellow crafters!

grannybuy Fri 02-Apr-21 12:29:56

I always like to have something ' on the make '. I made all my own face masks. I have quite a large knitting stash, and said when I retired that I'd have to live long enough to use it. Thirteen years on, I'm still here and knitting and crocheting. The picture is of a jumper I finished recently for a DGD, using leftovers.

Witzend Fri 02-Apr-21 12:31:37

What lovely bird boxes, HannahLoisLuke!

RosemaryAnne Fri 02-Apr-21 12:38:26

That's a really lovely bag. I've aspiration to become a "crafter" but absolutely useless at anything like that 😕

Vintagegirl Fri 02-Apr-21 13:04:28

Lovely items there, thanks for showing us. Yes have made alot of 'stuff' in past year. I was lucky to have good hoard of materials, yarn etc tho had to buy crochet hooks online. Dedicated shops have been closed most of year but some that are open have stocked wool/knitting/sewing items. Youtube is great resource including the comments and tips sent in by other viewers.

kwest Fri 02-Apr-21 13:21:02

It's lovely.

bridie54 Fri 02-Apr-21 13:27:14

Hi, I love crochet. Can i suggest The Crochet Crowd for tutorials and patterns. Free and i just love them. Find Mikey so easy to listen to and his tutorials very good.

4allweknow Fri 02-Apr-21 15:17:26

Lovely bag, keep going, you obviously have a talent for your crafting.

Polly4t42 Fri 02-Apr-21 16:45:20

Nothing wrong with making things, you will be well stocked up with gifts to give, I’ve been crafting lots since the first lockdown, dress for my granddaughter over 70 Christmas cards, Easter cards toys bags embroideries etc. Keeps my mind active and shows others I’m thinking of them.

Alioop Fri 02-Apr-21 17:27:22

You are so great at your craft. I'm more into interiors, just finished another house and I'm finally staying put in this one.

sunnybean60 Fri 02-Apr-21 17:32:21

Love it

lizzypopbottle Fri 02-Apr-21 17:59:17

Nice bag! I'm stuck for a project at the moment 😵

DMG1 Fri 02-Apr-21 18:06:27

"Making things" is so rewarding as just seeing the result of the time and effort seems to make it worthwhile. During the last year of lockdowns, there seems to be such an increase in all things handmade. Unfortunately, as many of the blogs say, we are not all naturally gifted in this way. Very little skill is required for basic knitting and crocheting. There are really good tutorials on YouTube. I make for Sleeping Baby Angels, most of the patterns are available for free from these types of charities on their websites and social media platforms. New parents who have the sadness of either a premature baby or a sleeping angel have not prepared to handle this type of situation These charities and neo-natal units are so very grateful for these items, some of which are really simple to make.