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Socks - Knit in the round or 4x double pointed needles

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Itsawelshthing Fri 20-Aug-21 13:11:16

I can knit basic stitches but I mainly crochet items, I no longer own a pair of knitting needles. However I want to make socks and crochet just doesn't feel the same as knitted socks... There's no stretch to it, despite using sock yarn and I just want a tighter knit IYKWIM. In your opinion and experience, is it better to use double pointed needles or knit in the round using circular needles?

Wheniwasyourage Fri 20-Aug-21 13:15:01

Depends on the size of the sock. I have done baby socks on 4 needles, but adult ones might fit on a circular needle if it was short enough. You would need to know how many stitches you need, what the tension is, and how many stitches is the minimum for your circular needle (you can have many more than that, but not fewer as the work is too stretched).

I think you're more likely to find that 4 needles works better, as the number of stitches will vary as you get on to the foot, if not the leg itself. Good luck!

Doodledog Fri 20-Aug-21 13:58:12

I usually prefer circulars to DPNs, but for socks I make an exception. It is too fiddly to keep so few stitches moving on a circular needle.

I tried using those sets of three tiny circulars, but I didn't really get away with them.

Hithere Fri 20-Aug-21 14:09:39

I also prefer circular but for socks, double pointed needles would be more appropriate

Flytothestars Fri 20-Aug-21 14:18:27

Long (100cm) circular needles and us the 'magic loop' method. Very quick to knit well fitting or slouchy socks. Very Pink Knits on YouTube have easy to follow videos. Enjoy!

Flytothestars Fri 20-Aug-21 14:19:08

Not us ? use…

Blossoming Fri 20-Aug-21 15:06:14

I have a knitting loom pattern that I want to try. The loom is much easier to use one-handed than needles.

Mogsmaw Fri 20-Aug-21 15:21:59

Magic loop, one small circular, two circulars, four or five double pointed needles all work for socks. It’s really a matter of what you like best. I find the next stitch comes easily with 4 dpns I find 5 a bit fiddly. I’ve tried all the techniques I’ve mentioned and that’s what I find the fastest and most pleasurable. But that’s me, you might find another method suits your “style” better. In the old days I’d have said go to a knitting group and see if someone will lend you some of the different tools to try.
I’d certainly give you some needles to have a go and I’m sure any other sock-knitter would be the same. (You can get a bit obsessed with circular knitting, or perhaps that’s just me!)
So, if I were you, I’d ask my friends and see what you can find.
Good luck. Just be aware, sockyarn oddments breed in dark corner.

MiniMoon Fri 20-Aug-21 15:48:53

Have you tried Tunisian crochet?
Hats and mittens are fun to make, but I haven't tried socks yet. I may give them a go, because I found a video on YouTube that looks good.

BBbevan Fri 20-Aug-21 15:49:23

I knit loads of socks and always use four needles

grandMattie Fri 20-Aug-21 16:47:29

Probably easier on 4 needles in my experience, although I use circular needles for most other knitting.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 20-Aug-21 17:10:14

I use double pointed needles and have had some success. I believe that ribbed stitches have more stretch in them which is good for socks. There's an excellent book called Get Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd which I bought and it has proved invaluable. I'm a slow and clumsy knitter but if I can learn there's no reason why you can't too. Good luck but do take care - I must admit (with very little shame) that I've become a sock-knitting addict.

Westcoaster Fri 20-Aug-21 18:25:30

I learnt to knit socks last year during lockdown and used the magic loop method, as the thought if working with the double pointed needles sent shivers down my spine ... vague memories of the torture of knitting lessons at school!
Watching a few YouTube videos was a huge help.

Itsawelshthing Sat 21-Aug-21 18:58:19

Thanks all.

I can do tunisian crochet I've tried doing socks with them but no success at all. I mainly do small squares with them and sew them all together. I have decided to buy double pointed needles.. Ordered them and hopefully they'll arrive soon.

Will let you all know how I get on! grin

BlueBalou Mon 04-Oct-21 12:44:08

I love the magic loop method, just finished knitting my 32nd pair of socks! I find sock knitting addictive, I have far too many more balls of sock yarn to use!
Don’t think DH has noticed this stash yet....

Essentiallyjane Mon 11-Oct-21 12:07:45

I have always gone back to Double Pointed needles (5) for my socks. I have tried other types but , for me, dpns are the easiest to work with

Niobe Mon 11-Oct-21 13:34:48

I find it easier to use DPNs to knit socks. Tried to use circulars but gave up and reverted to the DPNs although I might try the special circulars for sock knitting next time.

pen50 Tue 19-Oct-21 22:58:00

I knit socks, toe up, 2 at a time, on two circular needles. Once you get your head round the idea it's really quite easy.

CanadianGran Tue 19-Oct-21 23:17:28

BlueBalou, you make me chuckle. My DH knows of my stash in the attic and is always trying to get me to give it away. Nope, not happening!

You have an enviable stash.

I use 4 double sided for socks.

tanith Fri 22-Oct-21 11:50:20

I’ve a fancy to try knitting myself some warm socks I like those Nordic stripy patterns has anyone used a 4ply self striping wool they can recommend as I’m just confusing myself searching.