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Scarecrow festival - ideas?

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MrsPickle Mon 23-Aug-21 19:37:40

I started a scarecrow festival in our village last year and it was very successful. We had a trail, prizes, newspaper coverage....
I have dropped out of organising this year due to hub's health, but it's the second one this year (bless those who've taken it on) there an 'easy' scarecrow to do on the subject of nursery rhymes?
I'm running out of time and ideas and now panicking a bit.

MissAdventure Mon 23-Aug-21 20:20:05

How about doing Miss Muffet with a spider next to her?

There are lots of tutorials on youtube for making scarecrows.

Just that I thought nobody really knows what miss Muffet looks like, so a female face and hair plus the spider could work?

beth20 Mon 23-Aug-21 20:27:48

Little Boy Blue? If you can borrow a straw/hay bale, then just need jeans and a blue shirt.
Scarecrow festivals are great fun!

Casdon Mon 23-Aug-21 20:38:26

How about a flowerpot scarecrow, if you google with those words lots of ideas come up. I liked this one.

Peasblossom Mon 23-Aug-21 20:46:03

Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasnt there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh how I wish he’d go away.

You’d only need a ladder?

MissAdventure Mon 23-Aug-21 20:57:25


JackyB Tue 24-Aug-21 06:43:55

Deedle deedle dumpling my son John went to bed with his trousers on
One shoe off and one shoe on
Deedle deedle dumpling my son John.

Jack Sprat and his wife.

Chardy Thu 26-Aug-21 17:18:54

Bo Peep? Bonnet and pinafore to make it obvious who she is, and 3 fluffy somethings for the sheep?

ninathenana Thu 26-Aug-21 17:38:02

Aunt Sally

JaneJudge Thu 26-Aug-21 17:42:47

someone did the wizard of oz by us last year smile it was quite frankly fabulous

Could you do half a scarecrow in a puddle, painted or otherwise...Dr Foster went to Gloucester

NotSpaghetti Thu 26-Aug-21 18:06:17

Humpty dumpty or Little bo peep?

Here are 2 others

Blossoming Thu 26-Aug-21 18:17:16

Incy Wincy Spider.

Probably to leave off the Grand Old Duke of York at the mo…

Cherrytree59 Thu 26-Aug-21 18:46:07

Children's dressing up costumes make good scarecrows.
Spiderman hanging from tree was in our last years show.

One of the winners was actually having work done on their house and had scaffolding up.

So they did 2 workmen up on the scaffolding, both in high viz jackets.
The one facing towards house had a builders bum grin.

narrowboatnan Sun 29-Aug-21 10:46:54

Oh, Blossoming

‘Probably best to leave off The Grand Old Duke of York’ - that really made me laugh out loud!

jackypat Sun 29-Aug-21 12:33:56

I’m a floppy floppy scarecrow
With a floppy floppy hat etc

ShewhomustbeEbayed Sun 29-Aug-21 14:17:14

Probably not appropriate but in an episode of Jonathan Creek there was a scarecrow festival in the village and someone had rigged up a hosepipe so it looked like the male scarecrow was having a pee. Would certainly be a talking point !