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Pinterest, what do you follow?

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JaneJudge Tue 12-Oct-21 16:45:19

I look at interiors and designers on there and DIY related stuff, some nature but I have started to get some really random stuff showing up.

One was a device that hung a bag over a dogs behind to catch its poo grin grin

I just wondered if I was the only person who ever gets all this random nonsense! It made me laugh but why after looking at interiors and designers would it suggest such a thing?

Trisha57 Tue 12-Oct-21 16:49:08

Well, if you had an incontinent dog and a lovely new cream carpet, they'd come in handy!!!

PinkCosmos Tue 12-Oct-21 16:51:14

I mainly look at interiors but get a lot of hairstyle advice things, which I don't recall searching for.

I think they must be paid adverts that turn up randomly

JaneJudge Tue 12-Oct-21 18:45:17

That is very true Trisha grin

Maybe they are adverts pinkC

merlotgran Tue 12-Oct-21 18:48:10

Interiors and gardens.

Blossoming Tue 12-Oct-21 18:48:39

Recipes, rehab exercises, hand sewing, loom knitting, metalsmithing.

I ignore the obvious adverts.

Callistemon Tue 12-Oct-21 19:05:52

I can't cope with it and as for logging off - it's nigh impossible.

Is it just me?

Trisha57 Tue 12-Oct-21 19:48:22

I occasionally go onto Pinterest if I'm searching for a particular sewing pattern/idea for making clothes for myself of GC. I find it a bit tortuous, to be honest confused

PollyTickle Tue 12-Oct-21 20:17:56

Courtyard garden ideas for my little stone walled garden. Currently growing a few hebe round the edge. A self clinging climbing hydrangea and a rambling rose waving about with nothing to ramble over. All ideas welcome. Pinterest have some great ideas but not all affordable.

CanadianGran Tue 12-Oct-21 21:29:06

I usually am looking for recipes or fashion ideas as well as gardening.

I just opened Pinterest and on my list I have an add for a Cartier watch (def. not in my budget), pumpkin carving ideas for Halloweeen, Snowmen cookies, an ad for children's pyjamas, as well as a lot of silly 'celebrity surgeries that went wrong!" 'disaster wedding cakes!" etc.

Although I was sidetracked by a oat and pumpkin muffin recipe....I guess that is their goal, to catch you with something interesting enough to make you click on it.

ginny Tue 12-Oct-21 22:35:27

I love Pinterest. Wonderful place to find recipes, thousands of craft and cake ideas . Words and verses to put in cards, Garden and flowers ideas.
For anyone who loves crafts it is a must.

Teacheranne Tue 12-Oct-21 22:49:21

I use Pinterest a lot for crochet patterns, recipes and crafting. I found that if I joined rather than just browsed, it was easier to save things I’d found and organise them into photos. It’s my go to place when I’m bored, it’s amazing where I end up!

Audi10 Tue 12-Oct-21 22:51:01

Hairstyles, and interiors

Charleygirl5 Tue 12-Oct-21 22:52:03

All I ever find is how to clean ovens, fridges, floors, loos etc. That is what they send me at least once a day. Some of the ideas are very useful as they are using everyday materials like vinegar and baking soda.

MissAdventure Tue 12-Oct-21 22:53:09

I don't understand it.
Whenever I find a good idea for diy and the link takes me to pinterest, I know I may as well give up.

Callistemon Tue 12-Oct-21 23:02:04


I don't understand it.
Whenever I find a good idea for diy and the link takes me to pinterest, I know I may as well give up.

Thank goodness it's not just me.

I did look the other day and found a 'free' pattern which wouldn't print but I could buy it for £3.80

FannyCornforth Wed 13-Oct-21 07:19:50

I started using it around ten years ago, and it seemed much more user friendly then.
I used it mainly for craft ideas for children, and it was fantastic for that.
But like you Callistemon I just can’t get on with it now.
I’ve got a Mitford sisters board and that’s it.
I keep getting things to do with physiotherapy. I don’t know how it knows I’ve got problems with my back confused

Shelbel Wed 13-Oct-21 07:25:06

There's a theme here. Interiors and hair, plus gardening themes (exteriors I suppose)