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Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 17:33:41

Do you think the spider one too scary for children?
I have made different sizes from 2yrs to 10yrs
The orange one is ment to be a pumpkin, the pattern is in the background, to give an idea.

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 17:36:36

Forgot to load them!

BlueBelle Fri 22-Oct-21 17:38:44

And you ve still forgot ???

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 17:40:01

Yes!! Duh!????
Struggling now it wont let me load them!

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 17:40:45

Try again one at a time

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 17:41:12


Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 17:41:59


Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 17:42:51

Another for luck

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 17:44:43

Brain ache now, so I'm having a relaxing cuppa!

Josianne Fri 22-Oct-21 17:47:07

I think the spider is funny, not scary!
The pumpkin is cute.

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 18:12:43

Yes I thought the spider one was funny not scary too Josianne

But a young mum I know didn't think it was appropriate.

Entirely her choice.
I can understand that some people wouldn't want their children to wear 'silly' 'daft' clothing sometimes, and tastes do differ.
Lots of people don't like dressing up for Halloween, do they?

Scones Fri 22-Oct-21 20:18:20

I think children like a bit of scary and that the spider will go down well. The pumpkin one is wonderfully cute. I don't suppose you do them in age 57 do you? grin

Amberone Fri 22-Oct-21 20:22:42

There probably will be some children who would be scared - and there will always be someone who thinks it inappropriate but I think all the young children in our family would love the spider hat Namsnammy.

A few years ago I painted big hairy spiders all over a white T shirt for a great nephew (at his request) and he didn't take it off for a week. His older sister used to pretend to run away screaming when he approached and he would roll on the floor laughing.

PollyTickle Fri 22-Oct-21 20:45:14

They’re great namsnanny, just scary enough but fun at the same time. My grandchildren would love them

Jaxjacky Fri 22-Oct-21 20:53:37

Namsnanny well that young mum was a wee bit boring…I think they’re both lovely ???

Namsnanny Fri 22-Oct-21 21:35:56

Thank you Scones I made the pumpkin ones in Cashmere so they would be nice and soft for tiny ears!

I've made bigger ones in the past, when others have asked for them.
My husband wears one (he has dayglo spider and pumpkin) to answer the door to trick or treaters grin

Amberone I love that story about your niece and nephew. Thinking about him laughing and loving his sisters reaction is making me chortle too. grin
I bet they will remember that, especially if and when they have children!

PollyTickle ...I wish I could send them one.

Jaxjacky... Thanks for the vote of confidence. Off to make another one now.

Witzend Sat 23-Oct-21 11:31:46

I love that spider! No, I don’t think it’d be too scary - I’m sure my elder Gdcs (5 and 6) would love it.

I put a very similar big spider in the centre of a Halloween wreath I made a couple of years ago. I sat him in a web made of silvery yarn - it worked very well.

How did you cover the legs? My pattern had some method (I forget the name) that I just couldn’t get on with, for covering the pipe cleaners, so I just knitted narrow strips and sewed those on instead.

Purplepixie Sat 23-Oct-21 11:46:06

These hats are fantastic and not scary at all. Infact I would love one for myself! Well done to you.

Maya1 Sat 23-Oct-21 11:53:11

The hats are really great, just right for Halloween. You are really talented. I've never seen anything like them.

Blossoming Sat 23-Oct-21 12:04:38

I love those!

Namsnanny Tue 26-Oct-21 12:40:17

Witzend ... I did virtually the same thing as you.
Sometimes patterns are too complicated for us mere mortals.

Thank you for your flattering comments, they have prompted me to sell some hats for charity.