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I have a cunning plan….

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Witzend Tue 23-Nov-21 10:34:55

…for my 2nd worry-eating dog.
I was going to post him off to Knit for Nowt any day now, but Gdcs will be staying this weekend and I have a shrewd idea that Gds (5) will fall desperately in love with him.

If so, I will say that I’ll make him one exactly the same for Christmas, but will just give him this one, with an added tail (which I’ve forgotten to add). And make another for K for N.

Which will also solve the problem of trying to find any present for him that doesn’t have ‘bits’, since in their house ‘bits’ of anything disappear into black holes for ever.

We’ll see, but I’d bet myself a tenner that he’ll badly want it.

Blossoming Tue 23-Nov-21 10:37:53

Oh I love him! Also, beautiful fabric on the chair he’s standing on.

Calistemon Tue 23-Nov-21 10:37:53

Well, I want him so I'm sure DGGS will
Especially if he'll eat my worries ?

Calistemon Tue 23-Nov-21 10:38:34


Witzend Tue 23-Nov-21 10:47:18

Thanks, Blossoming - it’s the William Morris Strawberry Thief.
The chair is an ancient one inherited from ILs, but still going strong. We had such a job to find a fabric we really liked, though - it was a pretty boring plain colour before.

Witzend Tue 23-Nov-21 10:51:17



Yes, I hadn’t imagined you as a great-granny!

FannyCornforth Tue 23-Nov-21 10:55:05

He’s so sweet! I love the way his paw is resting on the arm of the chair!

Calistemon Tue 23-Nov-21 10:57:11

I meant your DGS or am I getting confused?
(Quite possible ?)

GDcs and Gds

Witzend Tue 23-Nov-21 11:29:51


I meant your DGS or am I getting confused?
(Quite possible ?)

^GDcs and Gds^

No, the confusion is probably mine - I’m getting on a bit, you know. ?
I have 3 Gdcs who will all be staying, but Gds (grandson of 5) is the one I’m Cunningly Planning for.

Grandmabatty Tue 23-Nov-21 11:31:10

I want him too! You are very talented.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 23-Nov-21 12:38:05

He's very sweet, Witzend I bet you had fun making him.