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cooberpedi Sat 08-Jan-22 08:38:04

I made a bed cover/rug but it curls up at the last few rows. How can I make it flatten out? I wondered about crochetting a few rows at right angles to the rest.

Chardy Sat 08-Jan-22 11:31:09

I assume you're a seasoned crocheter and know about blocking
(I don't know if that depends on whether the yarn is man-made)
Have you thought about putting on a fringe? Or bobbles? Or small curtain weights? Velcro if it's a rug?

MiniMoon Sat 08-Jan-22 12:29:17

You could try a border. Try to loosen your stitches though, as tight stitches often result in more curl. A larger hook would help with this.
I do a lot of tunisian crochet which is notorious for curling. Adding a border to it takes out the curl.