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Any idea why this material should be dry cleaned.

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MerylStreep Fri 11-Feb-22 13:02:11

I’m looking at this material for a long line, mandarin collar jacket. It’s 100% polyester but is recommended to dry clean.
Other patterns with 100%polyester can be washed.

3dognight Fri 11-Feb-22 13:19:06

What about on the woollen or delicate wash cycle? Delicates laundry liquid?

That’s what I would do.

I never send anything to the dry cleaners! I have become very blasé about chucking things into the

I’ve just had a successful wash of a 1950’s heavy woollen fitted coat.

Done on 30 degrees on woollen cycle with afore mentioned wash liquid, and on a sturdy coat hanger to dry .

That’s what I would do, but don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out!

Doodledog Fri 11-Feb-22 13:22:20

They offer samples - why not get one of those and wash it to see what happens?

It's a lovely pattern.

grandtanteJE65 Fri 11-Feb-22 13:25:18

Probably there is a risk of the colours running if you wash the fabric. The maker can then refuse a refund as you were warned to dry-clean the garment.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 11-Feb-22 13:25:21

I see it’s velvet. Perhaps washing would ruin the pile?

MerylStreep Fri 11-Feb-22 13:44:20

I’d forgotten about the samples ??‍♀️ Square eyes from trying to find what I want.
I think they’re afraid the colours will run.
So a sample it is. ?

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 11-Feb-22 13:50:35

Even if it doesn’t wash, surely you wouldn’t need to have it dry cleaned very often. I wouldn’t think marks would really show. It’s such a lovely pattern, I’d go for it anyway.

BlueBalou Fri 11-Feb-22 14:09:05

Oh my goodness that’s gorgeous!
You used to be able to buy dry cleaning packs that I think you used in the tumble dryer? It was years ago so quite possibly my memory is faulty!
I wonder if a clothes steamer would be appropriate? I remember my mother steaming velvet to bring up the pile.

JaneJudge Fri 11-Feb-22 14:11:21

It's very nice.

PinkCosmos Fri 11-Feb-22 14:16:28


I see it’s velvet. Perhaps washing would ruin the pile?

I would say if is cotton velvet, it would ruin the pile. However, it is 100% polyesrer.

I have some cushions in a similar 100% polyester velvet. The pile is quite low so I think they would wash OK and the nap wouldn't be affected.

For the jacket, I would consider hand washing.

I have had quite a few items of clothing that say dry clean only. I have washed them by hand and spun them in the washing machine. I think they do it to cover themselves.

Would they send you a sample that you could try washing - just realised someone has already suggested this grin

Also, if it was a jacket, how often would you need to wash it anyway?

travelsafar Fri 11-Feb-22 14:18:23

It says you can buy a £1.00 sample, maybe do that and try washing to see what happens before going ahead and purchasing a larger amount.

humptydumpty Fri 11-Feb-22 14:22:35

Have a look at]]
Dry cleaning sheets for tumble dryer if you have one?

MerylStreep Fri 11-Feb-22 22:53:10

Your right, as it’s bold print so I won’t be wearing it that often.

JackyB Sat 12-Feb-22 07:35:37

They often put "dry clean only" to protect themselves if anything does happen. Usually that kind of material will withstand hand washing, or an equivalent washing cycle. Hang it up straight away and don't squeeze, spin or wring too vigorously (if at all). Let us know how you get on.

mokryna Sat 12-Feb-22 07:52:20

Lovely design.
It does annoy me when, with all the new technologies, we are told to dry clean woolen cloth. What do sheep do when it rains, snows or temperatures go above 30°C? Do their coats shrink ?

Beechnut Sat 12-Feb-22 07:58:53

That’s lovely MerylStreep. What will you make? A jacket jumped out at me when I saw it.

25Avalon Sat 12-Feb-22 08:07:10

As JackyB said it’s to protect themselves in case things go wrong in the wash. Years ago I had a black skirt with white stripes that said dry clean only which I did but gradually the white got really dingy. It was either throw it away or wash it which I did. The white came up beautiful and it was like new.