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Knitting ends up so big

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mrsgreenfingers56 Mon 14-Feb-22 16:09:58

I enjoy knitting, did a lot of hats for the homeless before Christmas and also did the shoe box knitting. But when I try to knit something for myself it always ends up soooo big. Just tried to knit a top for 38" chest in DK on size 8 needles and it ended up being 49 and a half inches wide!!! The knitting doesn't look slack or big but don't understand why everything ends up so wide and then I end up unpicking it and getting very fed up with it all. At the point of giving up to be honest, this should be relaxing and it is stressing me! Any ideas ladies?

B9exchange Mon 14-Feb-22 16:12:31

Try knitting a trial 10cm x 10cm square before you start, to make sure the tension is correct. If that is too big, continue using smaller and smaller size needles until you get the tension right. Good luck with the next project! grin

Doodledog Mon 14-Feb-22 16:14:06

Do you knit a tension square/gauge swatch?

Patterns will have a tension listed at the start of the pattern, showing how many stitches and how many rows make a square - usually of 4 inches/10cm.

If you have too many or too few stitches or rows your garment will come out bigger or smaller than the pattern. You can adjust this by changing the yarn, or using bigger or smaller needles, or simply by knitting a different size.

It's a pain knitting a tension square when you really want to crack on with the garment, but it's worth it in the end, as you are far more likely to end up with a useful item.

If any of that isn't clear, please let me know and I'll try to explain in a different way.

PinkCosmos Mon 14-Feb-22 16:14:17

You should do a tension square before you start so that you can adjust the needle size so that the stitch rate is closer to the one on the pattern

I have just started knitting again recently (new grandchild) and find that the double knitting wool thickness seems to vary from one brand to the next.

If GC jumpers come out bigger at least he can grow into them grin

Callistemon21 Mon 14-Feb-22 16:14:30

Yes, do a tension square first as recommended in the pattern. Then adjust your needle size accordingly.

mrsgreenfingers56 Mon 14-Feb-22 16:21:34

Think I will have to do a tension square first which I haven't done before. I only do simple little things but this was a summer top and was pleased with the lattice pattern I managed to do but I kept measuring it and then the problems start. Making me feel very despondent with it all. Weather been pretty awful these last few days and not a TV watcher so though some knitting on the go would be a good thing to do.

Callistemon21 Mon 14-Feb-22 16:26:03

What a lot of X posts smile