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Grandmabatty Mon 07-Mar-22 12:54:06

I've included my first attempt using pastels. I'm happy with the result. Anyone else using pastels?

Greyduster Mon 07-Mar-22 13:57:08

Grandmabatty that’s lovely! I have tinkered with them in the past but they’re not my favourite medium. I still have some, lying low in a tin of ground rice - a quick shake cleans then up beautifully. Pastel pencils are good. This is the only one I ever did that I considered was worth wall space.

ayse Mon 07-Mar-22 13:58:26

I think they’re both beautiful 😁

Greyduster Mon 07-Mar-22 13:59:01

May I ask, what sort of paper did you use?

crazyH Mon 07-Mar-22 14:04:26

Both lovely 👍

Grandmabatty Mon 07-Mar-22 14:27:51

Greyduster I love your pastel! The water looks so alive. And the reflection is fantastic. I used black mounting card. I do rough ones on pastel paper which is white, but the black background made the flowers pop.

Greyduster Mon 07-Mar-22 16:06:30

If you haven’t already tried it, treat yourself to some Ingres paper. Great for pastel work.

Grandmabatty Mon 07-Mar-22 16:21:06

Thanks for the advice. I'll have a look.