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SeaNain Sat 07-May-22 13:31:32

Hi all, can anyone remember please the skirt fabric that you could buy, going back years now lol, that had a built in wide elasticated edge to it.. You would just sew a hem and the side...

Septimia Sat 07-May-22 15:17:05

I know what you mean - I was given a couple of pieces and, in fact, still have one skirt made from it. Unfortunately I never knew what it was called! I hope someone else remembers because it would be useful to know.

Esmay Sat 07-May-22 17:47:38

I used to buy beautiful easy to sew skirts in beautiful fabric in the Liberty sale .

Oh for those days !

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 07-May-22 17:51:55

Just a thought, I wonder if a traditional market stall may stock what you require? Sometimes they stock things which you can't find elsewhere.

Beechnut Sat 07-May-22 18:21:45

I bought a couple and added straps to make little sundresses for my daughter.

Polly73 Sat 07-May-22 18:37:45

Shirred fabric. You can buy it on Etsy

Elegran Sat 07-May-22 18:55:05

Almost the same, but not quite. These have a wide band of shirring on the actual fabric, which makes a close-fitting bodice to a dress or sundress. The fabric I remember, and probably Seanain too, were presewn onto a waistband-width strip of elastic, so that you could make a skirt in half-an-hour or so. I had a look online but it doesn't seem to exist any more. However, there are plenty of tutorials showing you how to attach the elastic to the fabric yourself.

Polly73 Sat 07-May-22 19:12:51

These have a wide band of shirring on the actual fabric -

SeaNain Sun 08-May-22 13:41:46

Yes, mum used to make my skirts with it even in my late teens, they always hung brilliantly...

SeaNain Sun 08-May-22 13:46:45

Yes, it was different to the Sheering... How I would love to get some.. But it does seem to have gone...

twinnytwin Sun 08-May-22 13:56:20

I do a lot of sewing and fabric buying and haven't come across what you're describing for years and years I'm afraid. Sorry.