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Clarefloss Sun 28-Aug-22 09:51:37

Any cross stitchers on here? Be nice to share tips, finished pics and recommendations

nanna8 Sun 28-Aug-22 10:42:01

I love it. I am doing some of the Bayeux tapestry panels from Bothy threads just now. I guess my only tip would be to work the crosses in the same way with the same direction for the first part of the cross but I am sure you know that . Sometimes I adapt patterns , for example when I do samplers.

Anniebach Sun 28-Aug-22 10:46:22

I love cross stitch , I live alone, can’t get out and about but cross stitching fills much of my time.

I buy from Etsy so I can download patterns.

Grandmabatty Sun 28-Aug-22 10:52:43

I love cross stitch too. I used to do it lots when my eyes were younger and up to the job ? My biggest regret is getting rid of a beautiful sampler I sewed. I wish I'd hung on to it. My lack of patience means I focus on smaller work now.

tanith Sun 28-Aug-22 12:08:35

There was a long Cross Stitch thread with pictures of peoples work a while ago I’ll see if I can find it. I struggle to do it now without my magnifying glass.

krazykat Sun 28-Aug-22 13:36:15

I love cross stitch, but have had to give up as my eye sight is too poor now, knitting is no where near as enjoyable.

Sar53 Sun 28-Aug-22 14:01:21

I discovered cross stitch during the pandemic and love it.
I have nearly finished a large picture that I started just on a year ago. It is total coverage with lots of very similar colours, I am halfway down the fourth quarter and to be honest will be glad when it's done.
I have a few new kits waiting and looking forward to starting them. I have a fabulous one of King Henry VIII and his 6 wives, full of colour.
These are 2 that have been framed.

Whiff Mon 29-Aug-22 11:04:26

Clarefloss just posted on the Cross Stitch thread Sar53 started so you can see what has already been posted. I am a mad cross stitcher.