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Cross stitch birth sampler

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Wrigleys Tue 13-Sep-22 18:52:42

Hi. Any suggestions for cross stitch birth sampler patterns or kits? Did some small easy cross stitch Christmas decorations and an alphabet sampler thirty years ago using a pattern from a magazine and really enjoyed doing them but my skills are very basic. Thanks in advance for your help smile

B9exchange Tue 13-Sep-22 19:05:18

You might get some ideas here

Are you due congratulations? grin

Wrigleys Tue 13-Sep-22 21:17:35

What a lovely selection of samplers! Will browse through and see which ones look suitable for a beginner.

Haven't seen that search engine before. DuckDuckGo is an interesting name.

The samplers are for my grandchildren. If I manage to get them done will post on here. Thanks for your help :-)

Doodledog Tue 13-Sep-22 23:09:43

I made a few personalised samplers using Jo Verso books. They have small motifs in them (eg boy scouts, pub signs, musical instruments), so you can pick ones that apply to the recipient and make a wholly personalised one. It's probably not so easy for a baby, but I did one for my mum after my father died (saxophone, pub sign, graduate with B Eng certificate, a red car amongst others), a couple of silver wedding ones (relevant church types, dates, hobbies of the couple, babies with birthdates on their cots etc) and one for a 21st birthday (a key, sheet music, champagne and other things I forget).

I got graph paper and drew the outlines roughly on it to position the motifs and sewed them from the patterns in the book. The books seem to be out of print, but here is a second hand one very cheaply priced.

Whiff Wed 14-Sep-22 04:41:19

To start with decide what size you want it to be and what fabric and colour you want to stitch it on. Also what shape you want the sampler to be . If you are framing do you want the frame to tone in with the baby's room and what sort of frame.

For samplers I just go through my cross stitch magazines and pick motifs out that I think they would like and decide where I want them to go. Look at different styles of lettering and pick which you like.

If a chart calls for quarter ,three quarter stitches or french knots I just do whole stitches. Everything I have done always looks nice.

Don't forget to attached the finished sampler to acid free mount board. I use doubled sided tape to attach the fabric to the board and then use masking tape on all the edges to give a smooth finish before framing.

Have fun making it .

Wrigleys Wed 14-Sep-22 09:17:05

I've got that Jo Verso book! Had forgotten about it but have just got it out and will go through it again this evening. Thank you smile

Wrigleys Wed 14-Sep-22 09:24:01

Thanks for that helpful advice and also for bumping the general cross stitch thread as I hadn't come across it. Think I'll do something fairly small as I'm more likely to get it finished. Thanks again smile

Doodledog Wed 14-Sep-22 10:02:45


I've got that Jo Verso book! Had forgotten about it but have just got it out and will go through it again this evening. Thank you smile

No problem ?

Do let us see the finished result?

Fairislecable Wed 14-Sep-22 12:35:46

I have always used the Historical Sampler Co as the colours included are so beautiful.