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jonnyollet Thu 20-Oct-22 08:09:25

Hi there,

Looking for some advice... I have a small wooden plaque with some stuck on metal numbers (see picture).
However, the adhesive of the metal isn't great and they start to fall off (the "1" is has fallen off in the picture).
Can anyone recommend a sealer or resin to cover the numbers to seal them in - I guess in a 'plasticky' layer?
Many thanks

MerylStreep Thu 20-Oct-22 08:17:33

YouTube is your go to for this information.

Kalu Thu 20-Oct-22 08:19:01

Gorilla Glue

Elegran Thu 20-Oct-22 08:30:26

Surely that 1 is a 4 ?

MawtheMerrier Thu 20-Oct-22 08:40:54

Have you tried Screwfix?

jonnyollet Thu 20-Oct-22 09:20:56


Surely that 1 is a 4 ?

The 1 fell off already. The 4 is in the process of falling off

jonnyollet Thu 20-Oct-22 09:21:30


Gorilla Glue

Does this dry clear?

merlotgran Thu 20-Oct-22 09:25:21

Gorilla glue dries to a creamy colour. No More Nails dries clear.

merlotgran Thu 20-Oct-22 09:27:39

Are you looking for something to stick the numbers on before sealing them? If so you need two separate products.

jonnyollet Thu 20-Oct-22 09:56:03


Are you looking for something to stick the numbers on before sealing them? If so you need two separate products.

The numbers are supplied with an adhesive on, albeit a not very strong one.
I am looking for something to place over the top so they cannot be picked off.

merlotgran Thu 20-Oct-22 10:04:47

I think you would be better off improving the adhesive before sealing the numbers. Yacht varnish is very good for weather protection but won’t prevent them falling off.

aggie Thu 20-Oct-22 10:15:02

As far as I remember glue needs to be applied to a clean surface , so sticking the numbers back on involves cleaning off the old glue from both surfaces before re gluing them , then use a stronger adhesive

Kalu Thu 20-Oct-22 10:20:12

Good tip Merlot. I have never used no more nails and will keep it in mind. I use a very small amount of GG to stop it oozing out which works very well.
I second yacht varnish as the best sealant I have used.

Beechnut Thu 20-Oct-22 10:55:11

Try Sticks Like Sh*t by Evostick.

Auntieflo Thu 20-Oct-22 11:28:24

I was going to suggest Yacht varnish.

Esmay Thu 20-Oct-22 13:06:13

Using the numbers as a template - draw around them .

Remove the numbers .
And tricky as it is try to roughen the inside the numbers with some fine sandpaper.
I've done it with discs of sandpaper on a old very small and circular container .

Take some coarser sandpaper and roughen the back of your numbers .

Blow away the dust .

And on a dry day -apply the glue and apply .

You need to hold it on for as long as you can stand .
When dry and set varnish is a very good idea !

Good luck !