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finishing seams on wool trousers

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Mazgg Mon 24-Oct-22 11:54:31

I am about to make a pair of trousers in a fine wool material and would appreciate advice on finishing the seams. My sewing machine is fairly basic (straight stitch, zig zag etc.).
The fabric is too thick for French seam and zig zag wouldn't give the professional finish I am aiming for.

Notagranny44 Mon 24-Oct-22 12:02:06

You need an overlocker! Otherwise, zig zag is the only way unless the fabric is thin enough for a very narrow hem on each seam, which would probably be difficult to do and add extra bulk.

Auntieflo Mon 24-Oct-22 12:02:27

Could you use a fine seam edge binding on all the edges?

Susie42 Mon 24-Oct-22 15:11:03

I'm not trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs but have you checked for an overlock stitch on your machine? As even basic machines seem to have one.

Nannarose Mon 24-Oct-22 15:27:56

I would use 'kick tape' and a herringbone stitch (by hand)

Mazgg Mon 24-Oct-22 15:28:32

Thank you for the replies. My machine is a Brother, about 20 years old and can't see an overlock stitch. I think I will bind the edges. I used to do a lot of dressmaking but stopped when patterns became expensive and fabric shops closed down. I am looking on this project as a challenge!

Mazgg Mon 24-Oct-22 15:30:29

Sorry if I'm a bit thick, but what is 'kick tape'.

Esmay Mon 24-Oct-22 15:42:15

It's a long time since I made a pair of wool trousers .

I recall handstitching some bias binding onto the crutch seams as the wearer said that the seams chafed !

Later , I extended the bias binding down the legs - but I love hand stitching and used to spend hours embroidering !

MerylStreep Mon 24-Oct-22 15:49:25

Are you on NextDoor
If yes, put a post up for a dressmaker. They will have an over locker. Shouldn’t cost much.

karmalady Mon 24-Oct-22 15:50:59

hong kong or bias bound seams

you could make your own binding

vegansrock Mon 24-Oct-22 15:54:08

Bind the seams in one very fine fabric like Liberty tana lawn or habotai silk in a toning colour. You can use the same fine fabric for the pocket bag. This will give a couture finish. Couture seamstresses would never use overlocking.