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ginny Sat 12-Nov-22 10:31:30

This is the ‘alternative ‘ tree our Craft Club have produced for our towns tree fest in a few weeks time. We shall add some small lights.

LRavenscroft Sat 12-Nov-22 10:54:16

It looks really impressive and I like the way it seems as if everyone has had input in the individual trees. Tree fests are so inspiring as they show all the different clubs and associations that take part reflecting their hard work.

Whiff Sat 12-Nov-22 14:03:37

Ginny that's beautiful. Wish I could show my craft group.

ginny Sat 12-Nov-22 15:29:56

Thank you. We all enjoyed doing our motif squares.* whiff* could you print off a photo or just show them on your phone ?

Witzend Sun 13-Nov-22 10:52:12

That’s really lovely, ginny!

Nannagarra Sun 13-Nov-22 11:18:18

It’s delightful ginny. So much thought and skill have gone into depicting lots of aspects of Christmas. I’ll certainly be showing it to my crafting friends.

Whiff Sun 13-Nov-22 12:30:15

Ginny DOH🤦 didn't think of that. I will show them on Thursday.