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I was supposed to be getting on with other jobs once the 🎄things were finished, but…

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Witzend Mon 14-Nov-22 13:21:53

…now I’m busy with another Big Fat Ted for Knit for Nowt - after her email pleading for all hands on deck, another massive waiting list already!
And now they’d like a matching hand puppet to go with each worry-eater. I did him first and I think he’s come out quite nicely. Except for the arms, he’s all in double DK though, so it had to be single for the arms, but I doubt that it’s going to matter.
The housework blitz will just have to wait!

midgey Mon 14-Nov-22 13:23:54

The housework will still be there tomorrow, no need to fret!

pascal30 Mon 14-Nov-22 13:26:22

He's tremendous..much better use of time IMO

Witzend Mon 14-Nov-22 13:33:32


The housework will still be there tomorrow, no need to fret!

You haven’t seen the state of my house! 😱😂
But I will have a bit of a mini blitz soon - I can only ignore it up to a point, before there’s a self-imposed metaphorical kick up the a*se.

FannyCornforth Mon 14-Nov-22 13:36:52

Ooh he’s lovely. I love his jumper. Rainbow wool is my favourite - it reminds me of my 70’s childhood; we all had cardigans in various rainbow hues, with cute little character buttons.
Do you do commissions Witzend?

Ilovecheese Mon 14-Nov-22 13:48:17

He is delightful.

Witzend Mon 14-Nov-22 14:06:28

Sorry, I don’t, FannyCornforth - I only knit for charities and fund-raisers. At least it makes me feel I’m doing something useful while I’m neglecting all the other stuff I ought to be doing!

fairfraise Mon 14-Nov-22 14:15:46

Oh that's really nice. And you always get them sewn up straight away.

FannyCornforth Mon 14-Nov-22 14:54:01

Thank you Witzend!
That’s so kind of you.

Do you have any idea how I could go about finding someone to knit something for me?

Auntieflo Mon 14-Nov-22 14:58:58

Fanny, if you have a decent wool shop, near to you, could you ask in there?
They may have some contacts from their keen knitters.

Auntieflo Mon 14-Nov-22 15:03:59

Meant to say Witzend, I love your new creation. He is so cute.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 14-Nov-22 15:04:20

That's fabulous Witzend and I quite understand about the wretched housework. I've ignored the same while working on a project and in order to make a start I'm going to get off here and take the vacuum cleaner downstairs. (Didn't say I was going to push it about though).

Witzend Mon 14-Nov-22 15:19:06

Have you got a Knit and Natter group anywhere near, FannyCornforth? Or e.g. a U3A craft group that does knitting? Worth asking if so.

Ha, lovebeigcardigans1955 - I’ve actually done something useful today - changed a bed (king size duvet and it was well overdue) on my own. It’s usually a double act with dh, but he’s away. I used the 4 mega plastic clothes pegs I bought a while ago - dh was sceptical at the time but they worked like a dream for holding the corners. 🙂

MrsKen33 Mon 14-Nov-22 15:21:47

lovebeige when I was younger y trick used to be to plug the Hoover in somewhere prominent , then do something else. Read, sew, draw . If anyone visited I was just going to do it ……

Brilliant knitting Witzend someone is going to be so happy with that,

ginny Mon 14-Nov-22 16:35:14

Love the teddy.

Witzend Tue 15-Nov-22 15:36:00

I’ve nearly finished Big Fat Ted - but have run out of stuffing! I’ve used nearly a whole big bagful. 2 more bags ordered, 🤞they come soon. I shall have to put the next Big Fat Ted on a diet!!

Nannagarra Tue 15-Nov-22 16:48:45

Love the hand puppet Witzend. Does it fit a child or an adult’s hand? Were DPNs (🤬) or seams involved?
I’m looking forward to seeing the completed Big Ted.

Witzend Tue 15-Nov-22 19:45:15

An adult hand, Nannagarra - matching hand puppets have been requested by the therapists, but exactly how they use them I don’t know. Presumably the big item is for the child to cuddle during a session.

What are DPNs?? I just sewed it up in the usual way - usual for me, that is - a backstitch, I can’t be faffed with mattress stitch.

Witzend Tue 15-Nov-22 20:12:10

Oh, double pointed needles! Sorry, I’m a bit slow today. No, except for the arms it was knitted in one piece, just one side seam.