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Big Fat Ted and his little friend

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Witzend Thu 17-Nov-22 21:35:30

All ready to post off. 🙂

Blossoming Thu 17-Nov-22 21:43:45

He’s lovely *Witzend, you really are very talented.

fairfraise Thu 17-Nov-22 21:46:22

They're both lovely.

Grannybags Thu 17-Nov-22 21:46:49


crazyH Thu 17-Nov-22 21:55:24

So talented !!

Zoejory Thu 17-Nov-22 21:59:47


VioletSky Thu 17-Nov-22 22:00:57

I had no idea what was going to happen clicking on the title lol


Nannagarra Thu 17-Nov-22 22:13:48

The perfect pair! Thanks for posting, Witzend. Beautiful workmanship for a very worthwhile cause which must lead to a lot of satisfaction.

Joane123 Thu 17-Nov-22 22:17:06

They are gorgeous Witzend.

LauraNorderr Thu 17-Nov-22 22:22:01

Lovely big fat Ted and sweet little friend.
I love your chair fabric too.

Callistemon21 Thu 17-Nov-22 22:25:04

Lovely Witzend!

baubles Thu 17-Nov-22 22:27:06

Beautiful work. I love big Ted’s smile.

Witzend Thu 17-Nov-22 22:28:12

Thank you all.
Apart from the mouth pocket, which is a bit of a pick-up-and-knit faff, Ted is actually quite quick and easy - 2 strands of DK on big fat needles.

downtoearth Fri 18-Nov-22 10:06:46

Love big Ted witzend you are very talented,I have enjoyed seeing all of your creations over the years,your home always looks cosy too,I really like the chair Ted is sitting on too

nanna8 Fri 18-Nov-22 10:33:41

How lovely, clever lady👏🏻

Witzend Fri 18-Nov-22 13:04:46

Thank you, Downtoearth - the chair is a really old one inherited from the ILs - we had it re-covered several years ago. It’s certainly rather cheerier than the former mid-blue Dralon!

Purplepixie Sat 19-Nov-22 00:26:28

Fabulous! You are so talented.

MissAdventure Sat 19-Nov-22 00:30:38

You clever old stick! smile
That's saying here, not an insult.

Your animals always have character.

Makes me wish I could knit.

Ro60 Tue 22-Nov-22 23:41:04

They're lovely - Like the idea of the matching puppet ❤

Ali23 Wed 23-Nov-22 04:48:10

They’re so cute!
Where do you post them off to?

Witzend Wed 23-Nov-22 08:47:16

Ali23, it’s a charity that sends them off to children’s therapists all over the U.K. The person who runs it invariably has a huge waiting list.

Namsnanny Wed 23-Nov-22 10:49:15

Thanks for posting the finished Ted Witzend what a lovely pair they make.
So, your next project is...?

Witzend Wed 23-Nov-22 17:05:02

Probably another Big Fat Ted, Namsnanny - they seem to be popular, plus I still have plenty of the right yarn.

silverlining48 Wed 23-Nov-22 17:34:33

How clever to be able to make such lovely things. Well done.

Namsnanny Thu 24-Nov-22 10:13:59

I look forward to your knitting updates witzendsmile