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How she manages it I don’t know, but….

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Witzend Sun 27-Nov-22 12:09:14

…once again I’ve had such a lovely email from the person who runs Knit for Nowt, to tell me that Big Fat Ted and little friend have arrived. So many requests from therapists, thousands of emails to deal with - she said her dh has hardly seen her for a fortnight.
👏👏👏 to her, that’s all I can say.

I was glad to be able to reply that I’ve already started another Big Fat Ted - always a good excuse for putting off the housework blitz. That will def. start next week, though - DSis arriving from the US on 11th Dec., which means tree and other decs. up on the 10th, and everything as pristine as it’s ever going to be beforehand.
Not that she’d give a toss about dust or the carpet in need of a shampoo, but I do want everything looking nice and Christmassy. 🎄

Blossoming Sun 27-Nov-22 23:14:32

It’s a wonderful organisation Witzend and you are a talented knitter. I know what you mean about wanting everything nice for Christmas. Unfortunately circumstances mean I’m going to have to settle for getting some things nice this year!

Namsnanny Sun 27-Nov-22 23:29:27

Well done Witzend for starting another Ted pair. Christmas with your sister sounds as if it's going to be lovely. Enjoy.

Oh! will you have a knitted nativity out on display, as part of your Christmas decs?

Witzend Mon 28-Nov-22 09:40:01

No, Namsnanny, they’ve all gone to Gdcs or for school fair raffles. I do have a little ceramic one, though - which I couldn’t pass to Gdcs a few years ago, hence the first knitted one. Gds was still at the chuck-and-bash stage - still wouldn’t trust him with anything delicate at 6!