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I’ve knitted two hats

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Purplepixie Thu 08-Dec-22 08:38:42

Hi all.

I have the knitting bug at the moment and just as well as it comes in handy for making gifts for christmas. Two hats knitted for friends and now in the post - who knows when they will get there. It will probably take longer to get to their destination as it did to knit them. Knitted in Aran.

Nannagarra Thu 08-Dec-22 09:25:14

They’re lovely in every way. I’m sure the recipients will be delighted.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 08-Dec-22 09:29:53

They're lovely and very welcome in this cold snap.

Georgesgran Thu 08-Dec-22 09:45:35

They look lovely. I can’t knit/sew/draw/sing/dance or cook for toffee! I’m in awe of the talents of some GN’s.

Blossoming Thu 08-Dec-22 10:06:05

Those really are lovely and great colours. Purple is one of my favourite colours 💜

Purplepixie Thu 08-Dec-22 11:03:38

Thank you for your kind words. Purple is also my all time favourite colour as well.

Whiff Fri 09-Dec-22 06:45:22

Pixie your work is beautiful as always. What lovely presents.

Nana3 Fri 09-Dec-22 06:54:53

So neatly done, talented lady smile

ParlorGames Fri 09-Dec-22 07:03:00

Fabulous presents PurplePixie, and the colours are amazing!

Redhead56 Fri 09-Dec-22 08:57:26

Lovely and a practical present to give that will be cosy and most welcome.

Millie22 Fri 09-Dec-22 09:06:20

They both look lovely. I really like to knit a cable pattern.

Purplepixie Fri 09-Dec-22 10:39:21

Thank you so much. I am going to make a Fairisle hat next.

Nana3 Fri 09-Dec-22 23:14:25

That won't be easy Pp.

ginny Sat 10-Dec-22 07:29:18

Lovely. Certainly a good choice of gift at the moment.

Witzend Sat 10-Dec-22 08:58:57

👏👏 - I’m full of admiration for the perfect cable - that’s something I’ve never tried, convinced I’ll be buggering it up every 3 rows, having to undo and uttering a lot of foul curses!

Caleo Sat 10-Dec-22 11:35:05

Pixie, the hats look so soft and warm they are perfect gifts. Clever and generous Pixie!