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ginny Thu 15-Dec-22 17:31:41

I love watching these programmes. Anyone watching and being irritated by the large blurry yellow balls rolling across the screen ?

ginny Thu 15-Dec-22 17:33:50

Thought I would be brave and show a few cards that I painted for Christmas.

ginny Thu 15-Dec-22 17:34:33

A few more.

tanith Thu 15-Dec-22 17:42:23

ginny you are talented those cards are so lovely.
I can't abide Kirsty so no not watching.

Hetty58 Thu 15-Dec-22 17:46:33

tanith, same here - the cards are just beautiful - but I find Kirstie (and Angel Strawbridge) quite sickly sweet, affected and vomit-inducing!

Blossoming Thu 15-Dec-22 17:59:49

Lovely cards ginny. The dog tangled up in lights reminds me of a childhood pet.

Daisymae Thu 15-Dec-22 18:07:35

In an interview recently it seems that Kirsty is abroad over Christmas and having steak and chips in the day!

Ilovecheese Thu 15-Dec-22 18:15:45

Lovely cards, I enjoy the Kirsty programmes.

Beechnut Thu 15-Dec-22 18:16:48

I’m watching it ginny and your cards are lovely.
I’m also going to have a look at Stacey Solomon’s Crafty Christmas at 8pm tonight.

vegansrock Thu 15-Dec-22 18:17:43

I like anything crafty, so enjoy this programme. I liked the knitted headband . But some of the things she shows as easy for anyone require special end materials - where do you get stretchy crepe paper for those huge paper flowers?

Beechnut Thu 15-Dec-22 18:28:44

I would Google for a supplier vegansrock.

ginny Thu 15-Dec-22 18:32:00

Thanks everyone.
I’ll be watching that too, although her voice drives me mad.
vegansrock Google crepe paper and there are lots of suppliers. Are you thinking of having a go ?

vegansrock Thu 15-Dec-22 19:20:27

but it wasn’t just crepe paper, I’ve plenty of that, it was Italian stretch crepe paper, like we all have that lying around.

M0nica Thu 15-Dec-22 19:24:53

Isn't all crepe paper stretchy?

Rosie51 Thu 15-Dec-22 19:26:22

ginny I'd like to add my admiration of your cards. You're very talented.
I haven't watched her in years, precisely because it's sometimes/often assumed we all have these specialist materials lurking about our homes.

Witzend Thu 15-Dec-22 20:24:21

👏👏 ginny - those are lovely - you are very clever! I can’t draw for toffee.

As for Kirstie, I’m afraid I can’t stand her, either.

Callistemon21 Thu 15-Dec-22 20:24:54

Love them, ginny!

Well done.

AreWeThereYet Thu 15-Dec-22 20:41:35

Ginny I love your cards too.

I watched someone on You-Tube painting some a bit like that with lovely but simple designs on and thought I might give it a go (I don't paint but I can draw after a fashion). Then realised that I really need to start in January, not early December, to stand any chance of producing half a dozen by Christmas 😁

Esmay Thu 15-Dec-22 22:20:37

Lovely cards ,Ginny .
Well done .

I find Kirsty a bit gosh , golly , gumdrops and spend most of the programme lusting after those Samantha Sung dresses at 800 quid a pop !

I'd be worried about spoiling them with glue or glitter .

Kalu Thu 15-Dec-22 23:43:12

Those cards are lovely ginny.

I missed out on the painting/drawing gêne but I enjoy doing all sorts of craft work. I like Kirsty and her enthusiastic gushing plus the chance to see other people’s talents on her shows. Some terrific ideas.

NotSpaghetti Thu 15-Dec-22 23:56:04

I am making cards as I read this.
I should have started weeks ago too instead of a few days ago.
I need to make about another dozen or so...

I like your lovely loose paintwork over the sketch Ginny - the first of the second row.

BigBertha1 Fri 16-Dec-22 07:08:34

I love your cards ginny. I enjoy Kirstys programmes because she's a bit jolly hockey sticks and the crafty is so clever. I can't do anything. Combination of lack of talent and arthritic hands but I love to watch others.

ginny Fri 16-Dec-22 11:13:10

This time last year I would have said I can’t draw but I enrolled on an on line course called ‘ I can draw to save my life’. and found I could. Also taking watercolour classes. Lots to learn yet but I’m loving it.

Kalu Fri 16-Dec-22 11:41:58

Thanks for that link ginny. I will give it a go at some point.
DH is very good at art and has a stash of acrylics, water colours and oils which I could delve into. At present I am enjoying playing with displaying C decorations around the house. Not quite finished as yet another idea pops into my head for final finishing touches!

vegansrock Fri 16-Dec-22 13:50:02

My Christmas crafts this year- a patchwork tree and some paper snowflakes.