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How to teach left handed GD to knit

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Flytothestars Sun 12-Feb-23 17:24:54

My GD is nearly 9 and has asked me to teach her to knit. I'm right handed she is left handed. I have tried to show her but it’s frustrating for both of us (for me especially because I can’t help her). I only see her every 4 months and we try to make the most of our time together.
Should I teach her to knit RH? Any suggestions gratefully received.

MerylStreep Sun 12-Feb-23 17:30:12

Your granddaughter will be Tech savvy.
Tell her to search YouTube. Lots of videos on there.
Here’s one.

Charleygirl5 Sun 12-Feb-23 17:33:44

You could try but she may not manage it. I write with my right hand but I do everything else with my left including knitting in the days when I did. Both my parents were left handed and it was my mother who taught me to knit with my left hand.

busybeejay Sun 12-Feb-23 17:34:58

I am left handed,very left handed but I was taught to knit right handed and it is not a problem.I knit a lot and it is fine.
Now ,crochet is a different matter!There is no way I could crochet right handed and so find it difficult to follow patterns.
Good luck.

MrsKen33 Sun 12-Feb-23 17:46:40

I also am left handed. In the 1950 when I was taught to knit there was never any attempt to acknowledge left handedness . I knit now right handed. Write and draw left handed but always use a right handed scissors. Left handed implements were mostly unknown then.

Siope Sun 12-Feb-23 17:46:46

As a leftie, I hate (and always have) right-handers trying to teach me to do things their way. And it’s often not as simple as saying’s ‘do it backwards’ or ‘pretend you’re looking in a mirror’, particularly when you’re a child.

When my right handed granddaughter asked me to teach her, I taught myself to knit and crochet right-handed (obviously, I normally do both left-handed). I watched a few ‘how to’ beginner videos on YouTube and then practised a bit. I’m not very good right-handed, but I didn’t need to be to teach a complete beginner! Could you try to learn to knit left-handed, especially since you have time in between visits?

CocoPops Sun 12-Feb-23 17:48:42

I am left handed. My mother taught me to knit right handed. I crochet left handed though and to teach my GD how to crochet she sat opposite me, watched and learned. She also watched some YouTube demonstrations.

Missedout Sun 12-Feb-23 17:55:29

Another left-hander here too! My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet right handed when I was young. I didn't question it and still knit and crochet right handed.

However, I sew left-handed and struggle with right-handed scissors!

Enjoy teaching your DGD - I'm envious, my lot aren't interested.

Callistemon21 Sun 12-Feb-23 18:06:49

There are suggestions on this thread, one of which is to sit opposite, if you see her soon.

Or the YouTube links which MerylStreep posted.

I hope it's ok to put a link to another thread on here.
The videos are excellent.

Baggs Sun 12-Feb-23 18:11:09

Good luck, Fly. I taught my eldest DD to knit when she was five because she wanted to try. She picked it up quickly and in adulthood became an absolute expert.

DD2, though left-handed, was not to be beaten, so she learned too a few years later. I wish I'd thought to teach her opposite me rather than beside, as then she could have mirrored what I was doing. Anyway, she can knit but it isn't a big thing with her.

DD3 also learned in her last couple of years at primary school where I helped at an after-school knitting club. Now a university student, she has taken it up again.

I remember knitting dishcloths and tea-cosies at primary school, then bootees for my cousins when they were born. I was twelve before I had any cousins. Then I didn't knit much until I was at uni and decided to unravel an aran jumper and re-knit it.

Currently I'm knitting socks for me.

AskAlice Sun 12-Feb-23 18:13:30

My GD is also left-handed and I am right-handed. When she said she wanted to learn to knit I taught myself to knit left-handed (very slowly!) so that I could teach her. It turned out that she preferred to knit right-handed as she found it easier!!

The videos others have suggested should certainly help.

Yammy Sun 12-Feb-23 18:47:11

I know someone left-handed who can knit. they were taught with the whole class at school. They surprised everyone when they knit the second line in pearl stitch.

Romola Sun 12-Feb-23 18:59:25

Another left-handed knitter here. But I learned to knit right-handed, I can't remember not being able to nor who taught me.
What I have never been able to do fluently is knit the continental way, so much quicker for ribbing and necessary for colour work.

Flytothestars Sun 12-Feb-23 22:48:35

Thank you all so much for the links, info and advice. I will try sitting opposite her when starting - brilliant idea!

yggdrasil Mon 13-Feb-23 08:29:23

I am a LH who knits RH. I can't remeber who taught me, but you are using both hands to knit so which one does what is not that important. Crochet, though, uses just one hand and it has to be the left :-)

Redhead56 Mon 13-Feb-23 09:36:13

Thanks for the link to the video! I offered to teach my GDs to knit and crochet my DIL doesn’t seem that bothered. I will persist one of the twins is left handed the video and the other advice will mean I am more informed. Hopefully I will teach them traditional craft skills that are invaluable.

Judy54 Mon 13-Feb-23 13:34:21

I too as a left hander was taught to knit right handed. Never really got the hang of it probably because I was not interested enough to pursue it.