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Knickers. Easy to sew and good scrap buster

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karmalady Tue 26-Sep-23 17:25:17

Some of my sloggis are wearing thin, so youtube it was, to learn how to sew knickers. I did have a go once or twice previously but never reached perfection

Scrap busting here I come

Dinahmo Wed 27-Sep-23 22:13:38

How about these for a pair of knickers. Eye wateringly expensive and probably not very comfortable:

Callistemon21 Wed 27-Sep-23 22:23:44


How about these for a pair of knickers. Eye wateringly expensive and probably not very comfortable:

Not at all comfortable with those sequins!
The model's face tells it all. 😁

Anyway, M&S for me!!
I have a stash but it's yarn, I could always crochet some knickers.

Callistemon21 Wed 27-Sep-23 22:26:09


Perhaps I will be inspired to use up my leftover knitting wool to knit or crochet a new swimsuit for next summer grin

Oh, you beat me to it.

I do have a pattern for a knitted swimsuit if you want to borrow it. I may need it back before next summer.

Witzend Fri 29-Sep-23 08:29:37


How about these for a pair of knickers. Eye wateringly expensive and probably not very comfortable:

As the blurb says, intended as outerwear for people desperate to be looked at!

ixion Fri 29-Sep-23 11:19:38

Make what you will of these, Karmalady😁
Several pairs+, I would guess, at 44" girth😳

Great grandma's, c.1880.

And no, I don't know why they have been passed down for posterity

karmalady Fri 29-Sep-23 11:28:08

ixion wow and I bet that lace is hand made

Last post, honest, I am doing well wrt making knickers and have ordered what seems like very good soft picot elastic, from etsy. Some of the stuff I had in my stash was from ebay, eons ago. Cheap rubbish and I binned it

I have been looking at the David Nieper site, hand made knickers would easily be on a par so the saving could be massive if comparing like with like. One last pair to be finished today, lovely soft tencel and my 3rd in that fabric. I only have the elastic to do and will have finished, out with 6 pairs and in with 6 new

nanna8 Fri 29-Sep-23 12:07:58

I’d rather make little table mats . During Covid lockdowns I made dozens of face masks for myself and family and friends.

Nannarose Fri 29-Sep-23 12:33:24

Love making knickers, using luxury fabric remnants. Also, I am a sucker for expensive bras - so I wait until my size is on sale / reduced, and buy then. I make contrasting / matching knickers from my fabric stash.

karmalady Thu 05-Oct-23 11:16:12

I must be in this for the long term now.

I tried two lengths of picot edging from etsy, same seller, one was fancy decorative edging, the other not fancy and both were nice but the fancy edging is gorgeous and soft too. I had a money off code for more purchases and have bitten the bullet, bought two x 100m reels, one black and one white

I have been very happy with my handmade knickers and will stay with the kwik sew pattern as they are the most comfy for my womanly shape. There are similar others btw, kwik sew is no longer sold. I have some beautiful lengths of stretch lace, for future projects, or maybe to top-trim nighties as I have two lengths of silk.

The knickers wash beautifully. The only alteration I will make is to be more specific with leg trim length and will measure the whole leg opening and only take 2" off the trim. Waist trim will be just about the same as the fabric, both can then stretch the same when wearing

Susie42 Sat 07-Oct-23 13:46:00

I did a knicker making class ages ago and it was a great day, the tutor was brilliant and she had a fund of funny stories about other classes she had taught. She also showed us how to make underpants for men.

ixion Tue 10-Oct-23 16:07:18

Karmalady. I was trying to contact you via PM about some vintage fabrics and trimmings I thought you might be interested in, but note that you don't accept messages.
If you would like to PM me, please feel free. Hopefully we can establish some means of direction communication!

Esmay Mon 01-Jan-24 18:35:01

I've made knickers from old T shirts . I used an old pair of pants as a template .
The material is just right ie : stretchy for this fat bottom !
Over the last couple of years : I've made bedjackets from old dressing gowns and aprons from old summer frocks .
There are some good quality , but too short skirts in my sewing pile , which I thought would make good aprons .

Purplepixie Tue 02-Jan-24 11:08:58

I think it is a good idea and I love making things. Any ideas on how to use up odd socks in the washing basket?

AskAlice Tue 02-Jan-24 11:20:26

If they have ribbing round the top, use it for children's jogging bottoms/sweatshirt sleeves? Bought ribbing is quite expensive!

Esmay Tue 02-Jan-24 11:23:35

If they aren't visible -I wear odd socks !
I think that the I might get knocked down and be taken to the hospital concern has long passed !
Apart from puppets for children and using them as dusters I haven't aanymore more ideas about using them .
Maybe have a look on you tube .

Esmay Tue 02-Jan-24 11:51:45

That set me thinking .
Where are all those odd socks ?
One of my friends washes her socks in a net bag , but then she's more efficient than I am !
I think that she'd have an attack of the vapours if she saw my mismatched socks !

karmalady Wed 10-Jan-24 18:53:54

I need some new knickers, even thought of sloggi as I cannot always be bothered to sew but have you seen the price?

I had an unopened pattern, tilly and the buttons iris. It took me ten minutes to trace medium rise and medium leg. These are a toile as I have never used the iris pattern. I did use some very good cotton jersey fabric, I think was originally from jelly fabrics and is not your cheapo thin fabric

I used foldover elastic from stash. rose pink fabric and shiny pale grey edges, they look lovely and fit perfectly. I`ll make two more pairs tomorrow. No effort and very quick

Allsorts Sun 04-Feb-24 08:14:01

Ixiom, I love those knickers, don't ever get rid of them.
Diana of, the sad thing is there's people daft enough to buy them, they look cheap and tacky.
Karma lady, well done, you are wearing designer knickers which not many of us do.

maddyone Sun 04-Feb-24 08:22:28

Sew my own knickers?

Life’s too short.