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Redhead56 Fri 24-Nov-23 09:29:35

I am trying to knit left hand with every will in the world it’s difficult. Each website I go on states it’s the mirror image of right hand knitting. I want to teach my GC but it’s easier said than done any advice will be gratefully received.

Siope Fri 24-Nov-23 10:07:32

I’m left handed. If you knit in front of a mirror - right-handed - your granddaughter can copy the mirror image.

But, to be honest, it’d likely be easier and less painful for you both if you either found a left-hander to teach her, or some YouTube left-handed beginner videos. You may need to check whether they demonstrate UK or continental style if that matters to you.

Baggs Fri 24-Nov-23 10:17:37

I'm not sure you need a mirror. Try sitting your GC opposite you rather than by your side and get them to copy your movements that way.

I used to do dance moves left-footedly when teaching kids facing me to do it right-footedly. This suggests your knitting right-handedly with a person opposite you will enable them to copy your movements left-handedly.

Kalu Fri 24-Nov-23 10:22:24

DD1 and GD2 are left handed and I taught them as Baggs describes. Same method when teaching them to crochet too.

Charleygirl5 Fri 24-Nov-23 10:23:30

Maybe easier if somebody like me who is left handed taught her.

Oldbat1 Fri 24-Nov-23 10:27:23

I am a left hander and knit the normal way! It can be done and will make knitting easier in the future. I also made a point of learning BSL (sign language) using my right hand as it just eventually made things easier. I did this in my 50s.

Bella23 Fri 24-Nov-23 10:32:06

My DH is left-handed and the whole class was taught to knit, he just watched the teacher who was in front of him but found he was doing knit a line pearl a line without being taught. He does keep his skill secret.He is very dominantly left-handed and the teacher was right handed so sitting in front of her might work.grin

Redhead56 Fri 24-Nov-23 20:42:29

Thank you all so much for your advice it’s much appreciated. My twin GC are fascinated watching me knit for dementia patients. They asked me to teach them one is left handed I will practice the techniques you have all suggested.

Gwyllt Fri 24-Nov-23 22:07:30

I would just try to knit in the conventional way as both hands are used although right handed I spin like a left handed cos taught by a left handed like wise I hem the wrong way round according to convention

luluaugust Sat 25-Nov-23 08:11:05

I am left handed and my mum just taught me as a right hander. She said this was so she could correct my mistakes!