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Two dog/cat blankets for Battersea

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Purplepixie Tue 09-Jan-24 11:14:42

I have knitted over 100 dog/cat blankets for Battersea over a number of years. I had a break from it before christmas to knit items for presents etc for family and friends. Inbetween I would knit a few rows and yesterday I managed to get two of them sewn together. These are knitted using odd bits of dk and chunky, knitted together on 7mm knitting needles. Thank you for looking.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 09-Jan-24 11:41:20

What a lovely idea. I will keep that in mind for when I have finished my current project. One of my own beloved dogs came from Battersea.

Purplepixie Tue 09-Jan-24 17:21:34

Thank you. If you type knitted blanket pattern for Battersea cats/dogs home there is a pattern on that site and also the address to send them to.

crazyH Tue 09-Jan-24 17:30:34

How lovely !

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 09-Jan-24 17:35:31

Thanks Pp. I will do that. I’m a great admirer of your work. My skills, if you could call them that, are very basic these days after decades of not knitting but now I have a grandchild to knit for, so gradually picking up again.

nanaK54 Tue 09-Jan-24 17:43:21

They are lovely!

Greenfinch Tue 09-Jan-24 19:19:36

We got our rescue cat from Battersea Cats’ Home and he came with 2 lovely knitted blankets one of which he sleeps on every night.

Jaxjacky Tue 09-Jan-24 20:12:34

Beautiful Purplepixie very clever and useful too.

Deedaa Tue 09-Jan-24 20:16:31

How nice that they send them with their own blankets Greenfinch

Chocolatelovinggran Tue 09-Jan-24 21:47:01

What a great idea Purplepixie and don't they look good. It's also a good use of leftover wool of course ( not that knitters have any of that I'm sure..) and how lovely that the animals keep them when they are rehomed

Greenfinch Wed 10-Jan-24 09:27:17

Deedaa he also came with some kitted mouse toys but unfortunately, being an elderly cat , he is not very interested in them.

Grannybags Wed 10-Jan-24 09:44:47

They look very cosy. Lovely that they go to their new homes with them

Witzend Wed 10-Jan-24 10:06:11

I emailed Battersea this morning, to ask whether they’d like a bagful of old (clean) towels, offloaded by dd1, whose airing cupboard was overflowing.

They’ve already replied to say yes please!
In the past we’ve taken old duvets to the nearest Dogs’ Trust, too.

Witzend Wed 10-Jan-24 10:27:43

Forgot to say, lovely blankets, purplepixie! You’ve reminded me of a great way to use up some of my vast store of odds and ends.

Purplepixie Wed 10-Jan-24 10:37:41

Thank you so much for your kind words. I have also knitted some mice for them in the past but I found them a bit fiddly to make.

Gillycats Wed 10-Jan-24 11:09:08

They’re lovely! What a kind thing to do.

CoolCoco Wed 10-Jan-24 13:06:43

I’ve used lots of old scraps, old cotton shirts and sheets to make little patchwork quilts for our local cat shelter. I enjoy making them as it doesn’t have to be perfect as I’m sure the cats won’t notice the odd wonky seam.

Purplepixie Wed 10-Jan-24 13:20:45

I often practice stitches on the blankets - just as long as they are not lacy or open weave. They can catch their claws on them. Have fun and use up spare yarn as well as benefiting these beautiful animals. We hope to get a cat from Battersea later in the year.

AGAA4 Wed 10-Jan-24 13:39:20

Lovely blankets. So good to know kind people think of the poor dogs at Battersea.

nipsmum Sat 13-Jan-24 11:35:32

My daughter takes our old bedding to our local Dog rescue centre. They are always very grateful for it.

heidimargaret Sat 13-Jan-24 12:05:27

They are beautiful. Battersea will love them

JdotJ Sat 13-Jan-24 12:17:54

They are lovely. Well done, great cause

harrysgran Sat 13-Jan-24 13:07:44

I'm sure they'll keep the dogs cosy such neat stitches

Jaye53 Sat 13-Jan-24 13:58:28

Very commendable. BUT please consider giving to SMALLER SELF FUNDING RESCUE CENTRES who rely on small donations who may be struggling in these hard times. By the way Battersea gets thousands £ from public etc.

susz Sat 13-Jan-24 14:02:31

Having volunteered for Battersea I know how much your blankets are appreciated. It was always exciting to open the parcels with the lovely knitted blankets in so many different colours, and the wonderful knitted mice for the cats. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude of the staff and animals alike for the generosity of people such as you.