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Sweater for my friend’s granddaughter

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Purplepixie Mon 15-Jan-24 11:49:46

Hi all

I knitted this sweater over the last few days just to try and take my mind of this rotten sciatica which I just cannot seem to shift. Knitting keeps me sane.
Knitted this using left over DK yarn on 4mm knitting needles. I’ll post the pattern details later.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 15-Jan-24 12:07:48

Very pretty, I’m sure she’ll love it. Hope you feel better soon.

keepcalmandcavachon Mon 15-Jan-24 12:13:11

So sweet, she'll look lovely! Have you a heated pad, bit like a tiny electric blanket? A bit of warmth may helpflowers

Callistemon21 Mon 15-Jan-24 12:30:11

That's a sweet little jumper, reminds me of the ones I used to knit for my DD and DGD 🙂

Sciatic is horrible, hope you feel better soon. Do you have any exercises to do?

Purplepixie Mon 15-Jan-24 12:33:06

Thank you.

I keep a hot water bottle handy when I am sat down. I’ve seen the dr twice and also the physio twice. Loads of exercises to do twice per day, which I do. It’s nearly 10 weeks since it started. Also have to go to hospital next Monday for a hysterectomy. Oh, it’s all going on here! X

Wheniwasyourage Mon 15-Jan-24 18:21:23

It's a lovely jumper. Best wishes for you for next week, and for your sciatica. Just as well knitting keeps you sane - it does the same for me, so I can understand! flowers 🧶

Whiff Mon 15-Jan-24 18:26:38

Purplepixie I have an electric heating pad I had it from Amazon it helped with my sciatica. It has 6 heat setting and 4 timers. When the pain was very bad in my bottom sitting on the pad at the highest setting for 2 hours was bliss . It's flexible so can be wrapped round parts of the body.

Your jumper is beautiful as all your knitting is .

CanadianGran Mon 15-Jan-24 19:01:56

That's very sweet, well done!

Witzend Mon 15-Jan-24 19:15:52

It’s a really lovely jumper, Purplepixie, and thank you for the blanket info.

Doodledog Mon 15-Jan-24 19:17:57

Gorgeous! I'm sure she'll love it and enjoy wearing it.

sodapop Mon 15-Jan-24 19:18:01

That is pretty purplepixie hope you feel better soon.

Grannybags Mon 15-Jan-24 22:20:06

Another gem! It’s lovely.

Good luck on Monday flowers

dogsmother Mon 15-Jan-24 22:29:28

Oh beautiful, I envy you your skills.

Esmay Tue 16-Jan-24 01:14:43

Fabulous - you are so gifted !
What stitch did you use ?
A sciatica fix with your physiotherapist 's full approval .
Lie on floor after a nice long warm bath and bring your knees up as far as you can , grasp them and rock gently .
It will release the tension .
I think that your sciatica must be aggravated by your uterus pressing on your sciatic nerve .
I hope that the surgery goes well .
Get Well soon .

nanna8 Tue 16-Jan-24 01:51:14

I love using up leftover wool and knitting little jumpers for the grandkids. They are all getting a bit big now, sadly. I do socks as well, they’re fun and quick.

Purplepixie Tue 16-Jan-24 09:40:44

Wow the socks are lovely nanna8.

I’ve tried to knit socks but mine never seem to stay up. I tried putting some elastic in the tops and I just didn’t like them. Back to other knitting.

nanna8 Tue 16-Jan-24 09:56:31

Thanks Purplepixie - mostly I do them for little ones because they are a bit bulky, great for bed socks though. I got a pattern from the Bendigo wool mill shop, it seems to work better than some.

Callistemon21 Tue 16-Jan-24 09:59:46

My friend knits socks and gave me a lovely book of sock knitting patterns but I've never attempted it.

Suddenly the grandchildren reach the age when only sportswear will do. I miss knitting little jumpers and cardigans.

Primrose53 Tue 16-Jan-24 10:21:03

Cute little jumper. Reminds me of pistachio ice cream colours.

crazyH Tue 16-Jan-24 10:31:07

I could do with a pair of those woollen- my feet are the coldest part of my body 😫

crazyH Tue 16-Jan-24 10:31:30

Woollen socks

Wishes Tue 16-Jan-24 11:35:49

My granddaughter gave up on finishing her attempt at socks but it's perfect for my dashcam.

I lost its case, it must have fell out of the car door along with my favourite red leather gloves!

Purplepixie Tue 16-Jan-24 14:07:45

Wishes I love the colours and a great way to use it.

Soozikinzi Tue 16-Jan-24 15:02:30

That's lovely xx hope all goes well and clears up the sciatica it's horrible isn't it xx