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Painting Warhammer miniatures dwarfs/Elf's etc. Old World

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jeanie99 Mon 11-Mar-24 13:08:35

I've been playing Warhammer with my son and grandson for over a year now and have decided to try and paint some of the characters.
I received the paints and some characters for a Christmas present but have just got round to starting the project.
You tube is very good at showing you how to go about this but I am a beginner so am looking for advice tips and suggestions for creating something great on my first attempt.
I hope there is someone who can give me some advice. Thank you.

shezsumner Mon 11-Mar-24 14:08:33

Ive no idea what warhammer is but I would say just go for will improve only with practice & don't worry about can always start again! I go to an art group and non of us are artists..we just play and enjoy ourselves with paint and its amazing what's created!! Its important to enjoy the process...Good luck

JamesandJon33 Mon 11-Mar-24 14:33:02

My son has done this for years. Some are exceptional and he has sold many. As far as I know he just does his own thing using little pots of Humboldt paint. Just go carefully and enjoy it, I would say

Whiff Mon 11-Mar-24 18:38:14

jeanie my nephew has been making and painting models for game play for years. He always waters down the paint and applies thin coats as it gives a better finish and you can get more contrast. It takes longer but if you make a mistake it's easier to wipe off a thin coat of paint than a thick one. Plus he uses small brushes even on large pieces as you have more control. Make sure each coat of paint is bone dry before applying the next.

There are a lot of youtube classes with tips on painting. It's how he learnt . They are mainly American.

J52 Mon 11-Mar-24 18:56:17

My only advice is don’t paint them on the carpet as my DSs did when they were young! 😂

Primrose53 Mon 11-Mar-24 19:11:56

My son was very good at Art and is a perfectionist. When he was about 13-15 he got really in to painting these tiny figures.
It just came naturally to him.

I dropped him off at the first workshop with several other kids. When I went to collect him the organiser said “he says he has never painted figures before, is that right? I said it was and he said he was the best he’d seen.

Kids at school used to pay him to paint their figures as they looked so good.

Maggiemaybe Mon 11-Mar-24 19:41:12

I think I’d enjoy doing this. Now to steer my grandsons towards a new hobby….

Visgir1 Mon 11-Mar-24 20:51:26

Yes just do your own thing.. My son is a still a keen follower, he's now married with 2 daughters in his mid 30's.
He has been painting and going to events since he was about 13 yrs old, it's basically War games.
They are a world wide hobby, very successful. I think the company has now floated on the stock market.

Oreo Mon 11-Mar-24 21:07:29

My SIL collects and paints the figures, as said, there are tutorials online to help newbies.

NotSpaghetti Mon 11-Mar-24 21:18:11

Many figures have "designated" colour-schemes (eg space marines) - you may want to copy them if you intend to move on to gaming away from home.
Or not... just thought - you may not know.

Look up 'dry-brushing" as that technique covers a multitude of sins. It's basically highlighting with a nearly-dry brush after darker base coats have been laid down. Lots of videos.

jeanie99 Tue 12-Mar-24 23:22:21

Wow I never thought anyone would make suggestions I am so impressed.
Thank you so much for all your suggestions and advice I so much appreciate it.
I have been reading about mixing of paints over the last few days. I need to purchase the dropper containers to decant the paints I have, not sure were to purchase them from yet.
My present came with citadel paints and they just have a top. I can't wait to get started but am a little concerned about my colour matching, I really don't want to mess up the figures bought for me.
Could someone ask your family member which product I buy for adding to the paint when decanting it. Also do they use glass or metal balls to mix.
Thank you so much everyone.

Whiff Wed 13-Mar-24 05:47:41

jeanie99 I just googled war hammer painting and just watch a YouTube by Midwinter minis -essential equipment and is very good explaining exactly what to do it's UK . And has lots of tips and sensible advice and what is to buy eg cheap brushes and mixing palate etc. Think watching it will be easier to learn than just following instructions. I know that's have my nephew started . He has been a member of a gaming club for 20 years since he was 16. I will ask him to sent me some pics of his models. I know because of the size of his hands for little models there's a model holder you can buy. Nothing he uses costs much . The main thing he says is to take your time and like I said water down the paint for thin coats and build up the layers of colour.

Did you know there are beautifully illustration books that go with model gaming . Each character has a back story .

NotSpaghetti Wed 13-Mar-24 05:58:53

I have just written a long post and sadly it's disappeared but basically I was saying similar things to "Whiff" - great minds and all that...

Don't get caught ip in the marketing hype - that way lies bankruptcy grin
The Warhammer/Citadel empire expands year on year... You really don't need all the kit they suggest.

My grandsons have a gadget that holds a model still for you (at your chosen angle) but given they've had these relatively recently and 100s of models have been painted since that first kit 40(?) years ago I think you will be fine.

Also remember that each model painter does things their own way. One of my boys used to spray everything a particular shade of grey before he began, for example. I don't remember seeing the others do this (I suppose they may do but...🤷‍♀️

muffinthemoo Mon 25-Mar-24 23:18:03

Ahhh the warhams!!

I don't play since I had the kids sad but I still do paint now and then. I mostly do scenery making these days for my brother's 40K group but I still get the odd mini done just to please myself.

I would honestly say - watch as much youtube as you can. I started back in the old days when there wasn't even painting advice in White Dwarf, and everything I learned I learned from screwing up, painfully sad

The big youtube painting channels have absolutely SUPERB tutorials now for every level of experience, and a lot of them have beginner level content which is absolutely excellent.

I would also say that the reviews of painting products, and the different types of products available, have been absolute gamechangers in the last decade. There is a beginner friendly painting method affectionately called 'slapchop' that uses base paints and washes (including the Citadel ones) to produce really great results for beginners and produces them quickly if you are interested in putting together a battleforce or even a whole army. Miniatures tend to inexplicably multiply in homes for some reason...

Channels I would suggest you check out:

Juan Hidalgo
Squidmar (more for the entertainment than the tutorials strictly, but a lot of the painting channels are great fun. These lads are hilarious)
whiff already mentioned MidwinterMinis
Stahly (Tale of Painters) especially for paint and tool reviews
Zumikito Miniatures
Vince Venturella
Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy just to marvel at his skills!!

I watch hours and hours of painting and scenery content every week, sorry for the Labrador-like enthusiasm....

RosiesMaw Mon 25-Mar-24 23:25:54


My son has done this for years. Some are exceptional and he has sold many. As far as I know he just does his own thing using little pots of Humboldt paint. Just go carefully and enjoy it, I would say

Did you mean Humbrol paint?
Or something to do with the Humboldt University in Berlin?

SusieK Tue 26-Mar-24 07:52:42



My son has done this for years. Some are exceptional and he has sold many. As far as I know he just does his own thing using little pots of Humboldt paint. Just go carefully and enjoy it, I would say

Did you mean Humbrol paint?
Or something to do with the Humboldt University in Berlin?

Was it really necessary to correct the poster’s spelling?! And really no need to mention a German University, just to show off. Sad.

RosiesMaw Tue 26-Mar-24 08:02:07

confused Just amused confused
Is there another Humboldt (other than the penguin) then?
Or Alexander von H?

SusiK Tue 26-Mar-24 08:57:55

Wow, you really are so knowledgeable. You’ve added a lot to this thread.

ronib Thu 28-Mar-24 16:03:33

One of my sons very kindly co painted models with me, having 3 d printed one spectacular model. He always spray paints a grey undercoat. We spent quite some time wondering about colours and then heightening effects. We also spent time exploring how to do the base. My son is very keen on the work of Kirill Kanaev and keeps me updated on the latest craze in this hobby. It’s a very compulsive art form and we’re hoping to get to Salut (I think) in London in 2 weeks. I might have improved now that I have had my cataracts removed!

ronib Thu 28-Mar-24 16:07:20

Citadel paint and Vellajo are the paints my son uses. Plus all kinds of pigments and fancy stuff….

Whiff Sat 30-Mar-24 11:57:43

jeanie these are some of my nephews work. You may need to expand the picture to see the detail.

Whiff Sat 30-Mar-24 11:58:50

Some more