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What have you bought DH for Christmas

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cheelu Mon 24-Dec-12 17:21:18

My DH loves pens so I bought him a Cartier that I saved up for, he better like it!! ha ha

NfkDumpling Mon 24-Dec-12 17:40:50

I'm a bit worried. Having agreed that our wonderful African safari holiday should be our Christmas present and that we wouldn't get anything for each other, I'm wondering if he has. Got me something that is. I have bought him a book - just in case. But it's very much a token.

NfkDumpling Mon 24-Dec-12 17:41:03

Too late now.

granjura Mon 24-Dec-12 17:49:58

Something he has wanted for a long time. He spent a lot of time digitalising all his photo slides since he retired- and I got him a beamer for Christmas - an early present as we are not really 'doing' Christmas this year - been playing with it for the last couple of days - brilliant and just what he wished for.

We went to France today (just a few minutes away) and bought a large pizza stone we can use in the oven and on the BBQ - to make nans, as well as pizzas.

glammanana Mon 24-Dec-12 17:58:42

I bought him a tartan burbour type cap for when he goes out with barney in the rain,barney has a coat that matches lets see if he wears it (DH that is not our barney)he is very hard to buy for as he is not impressed with anything really he is a very laid back type of guy.

Anne58 Mon 24-Dec-12 18:04:44

I think the whole GN world knows what I bought him! There was an additional present of a bottle of Bacardi, which he has already had (I don't drink it, and last night he said " I think I might treat myself to a bottle of Bacardi" had to tell him not to, so yet another surprise spoilt!)

So, that leaves a selection of coffees and a boxed edition of a book about Queen (the band, not the monarch before anyone goes getting all confrontational)

And of course the selection of comestibles that have been hidden in my knicker drawer.

Grannyknot Mon 24-Dec-12 18:28:30

phoenix I had to look up what comestibles means - thought it meant something along the lines of 'come hither' seeing they were in the knicker drawer. I was tearing my hair out for something for OH and then fortunately came across tickets to a Fairport Convention gig at Union Chapel (London). He is impossible to buy for because always gets himself exactly what he wants as soon as he can justify the cost of it to himself! He does buy generously for all the family too!

nanapug Mon 24-Dec-12 19:19:31

I don't know what it is as it is something for his computer and he ordered it. I just wrapped it!! The dog has kindly got him some chocolate too though ;)

Anne58 Mon 24-Dec-12 19:24:02

Grannyknot on another thread (Lil's Bar) I said that I had placed a tub of cheeselets in my knicker drawer to stop Mr P eating them! last year he managed to get through umpteen tubs before Christmas!

So, hidden away, are 2 tubs of cheeselets, 2 of large peanuts, 1 hula hoops and 1 mini cheddars!

Hooray for the Fairport Convention tickets, not the same without Sandy Denny, but good nonethe less!

Nelliemoser Mon 24-Dec-12 20:48:41

I have just. (like 4hrs ago) bought a film and document scanner for us both. How come I get to pay the lot?

Like grannyknot My OH is hopeless to buy for. He has so much junk and tends to buy anything he wants when he sees it so we have sort of given up.
There is no point in wasting money just because its Christmas so its better to get something we need.

We have now decided with my children that next year we will set a price limit. Not sure what it will be yet maybe £10/15 and see what fun stuff we can buy for that. New baby grandson excepted.

Ariadne Mon 24-Dec-12 20:54:10

A new belt and buckle for his trews outfit, and a water pump for a village in Africa from Wateraid. Which is what he asked for.

petallus Mon 24-Dec-12 21:00:56

A man's bracelet because he likes a bit of bling. Golfing gloves, hand warming sachets, a beer mug (50p from Oxfam) a torch. I think that's all.

I have a radley across body handbag which I helped to choose myself and several other little presents which are a mystery to me, from him.

numberplease Tue 25-Dec-12 02:17:32

A new, more powerful PS3, a jumper, and a mug with photos of our cat Mia and the lovely Pepper, who we sadly lost in September.

Ariadne Tue 25-Dec-12 06:30:10

Aaahhh number how lovely!

numberplease Tue 25-Dec-12 13:25:54

He likes his pressies, but he LOVES the mug!

vampirequeen Tue 25-Dec-12 16:31:19

I bought my DH a bicycle repair stand, a stand on pump and a time/distance/speed meter.

He bought me a camera tripod.

I've also bought him something for me to wear and him to enjoy me wearing when the children have gone back to their mother's on Boxing Day wink

Ella46 Tue 25-Dec-12 17:59:54

vq Good girl!! Hope you both enjoy the wearing and unwearing grin

Woolliegran Tue 25-Dec-12 18:49:03

I try not to get him anything useful - so boring!
I got him a Scalextric set (special Skyfall one as we enjoyed the movie) as he's never had one. Seemed to go down well. And the cat is fascinated by it.

mrshat Wed 26-Dec-12 13:13:43

A Kindle - success so far but McAfee messing with his computer so there is a bit of a delay in getting to the 'books' hmm

kittylester Wed 26-Dec-12 13:18:41

I bought him a Stellarscope and basic book of 'the sky'. A novel by someone he doesn't usually read, a desk calendar, a steel and a 'copper' birdbath. He seemed to like everything!! grin

grannyactivist Wed 26-Dec-12 14:20:47

A hat for windsurfing (he's been on the sea to try it out already; loves it), 'Homeland' and 'Thick Of It' DVD sets and a bag to carry his folding bicycle. (The socks and undies don't really count do they? wink )

Mishap Wed 26-Dec-12 19:09:43

Warm fleece-lined shirt with hood; night cap (headwear variety); mug with the periodic table on it (he recites this all the time!) and a book.

glassortwo Wed 26-Dec-12 19:12:17

I bought DH a mechanics creeper, thought it was a really inventive present as he struggle to get under my car.... and I was told that I have no idea at all what makes him tick.... he thought by my hints that it was a band saw shock

nanaej Wed 26-Dec-12 19:14:19

A voucher for a trip up the Shard!!

Grannyeggs Wed 26-Dec-12 19:18:58

Great presentnanaej I will pinch that for next year! A pair of trousers, a picture , a beer mug and a bottle of Calvados. Plus a few stocking fillers ,pants socks etc;