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ActingGran Mon 02-Sep-13 12:15:40

Does anyone have any thoughts as to how to find a Stand-in Gran? I have 2 young women friends who are working mothers of school age children - one lives in Chesham, Bucks and the other near Alexandra Palace, North London. Both have parents living at the other end of the country and would love to find a stand-in Gran to call on to take care of the children for a few hours if an emergency arises or they're delayed getting home. Maybe even bake the occasional cake! All suggestions gratefully received.

Charleygirl Mon 02-Sep-13 12:54:07

Such a pity that neither live closer to me, I live in NW London.

janeainsworth Mon 02-Sep-13 13:02:54

I realise this may sound uncharitable, but there seems to be an underlying assumption in the OP that the main function of grandparents is to provide unpaid childcare........hmm

Gorki Mon 02-Sep-13 13:04:43

Just what I thought though I didn't like to say so.wink

hummingbird Mon 02-Sep-13 13:08:42

That's a tough one! My daughter lives in Chesham too, 280 miles away from us, and she's often stuck for help in emergencies. Luckily, she's managed to develop a network of friends that she can call upon when the need arises, and on more than one occasion, we've jumped in the car and rushed down there to help out at very short notice. I so wish she lived nearer! sad

JessM Mon 02-Sep-13 13:46:22

It's kind of a reality of life these days isnt it. Advertise for a mature babysitter, experienced grandmother preferred, maybe. And be prepared to pay a little more than one does to a 16 year old.

kittylester Mon 02-Sep-13 13:48:56

I'm about to throw cold water on things, but what about CRB checks?

Grannylin Mon 02-Sep-13 13:56:03

I've just spent 2 hours this morning as an 'acting Gran' but I do it through Homestart for a Mum who desperately needs a bit of help.I think most grans on here, with some free time, would choose to do this rather than act as an unpaid babyminder for a working Mum!

MrsSB Mon 02-Sep-13 18:14:27

What a very sad society we live in if it is thought necessary to have a CRB check before we can become friends with a young mum and help her with her children when she needs it!

I don't live near the OP but if I did, or if there was someone similar in my neighbourhood, I'd be happy to befriend the family and help if needed, seeing as my children and grandchildren live a couple of hours away so I can't do so for them. However, I find the suggestion of needing a CRB check (I have had them in the past, for my job, and for helping at the school) just a liitle over the top. Sorry if that offends anyone, but its how I feel.

ActingGran Tue 03-Sep-13 09:05:56

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to respond to my post - much appreciated.

Movedalot Tue 03-Sep-13 09:54:01

I would be happy to do this for someone who lived near me. It is so different nowadays as when mine were young none of my friends worked so we could all jump in and help each other.

Charleygirl Tue 03-Sep-13 10:04:30

I am a very cheap baby sitter, all that I want is coffee, gallons of it!