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felice Wed 20-Nov-13 15:16:46

DGS has a very long tight foreskin, impossible to pull back and it hurts him when you use the cream his doctor has given to try and help. His Grandfather had to be circumcised for a similar complaint, but DGS doctor says he can make a small slit in the foreskin to ease the condition. Anyone out there who has experience of this including any doctors who have used or seen the process, we would like to know wether to go with the Doctors system or should we go for the 'full monty', so to speak. He is an excellent Peadeatrician but would just like to hear from anyone with experiance of this.

felice Wed 20-Nov-13 15:17:38

Sorry about the spelling, DGS has hidden my reading glasses again !!!!!!

feetlebaum Wed 20-Nov-13 16:14:35

I suffered from this as a baby, and was circumcised... being a hefty baby I burst the stitches and nearly bled to death! Fortunately a nurse spotted it in time and all was well. If it's necessary, it should be done, but I would not support it for any superstitious purposes - then it becomes mutilation.

FlicketyB Wed 20-Nov-13 16:23:55

DS had this problem and had, as you describe, 'the full monty'. It has never caused him any problems.

I do not think the alternative was available when he had it done in the late 1970s so can offer no opinion on that.

Riverwalk Wed 20-Nov-13 16:43:15

When I was a paediatric nurse we used to see many young boys with phimosis and, more recently as a general nurse, grown men also.

As the doctor will have to operate to 'slit' I'd be inclined to go for circumcision for two reasons: the problem could return as he gets older, and he will need an anaesthetic whichever procedure he has.

Best to go with the 'full monty'.

How old is your grandson Felice?

JessM Wed 20-Nov-13 17:20:04

It is not normal to be able to pull back the foreskin of a little boy is it? Aren't they often semi-adhered when they are little?

felice Wed 20-Nov-13 20:00:46

He is 21 months, his foreskin is about half a centimetre longer than his penis, and he has had some redness and it seems to irritate him, my DD and I are going to the doctors tomorrow morning to discuss it, SIL is working away for a couple of days.

Galen Wed 20-Nov-13 20:10:31

I had my son circumcised for the same reason. He's now in his four ties and seems happy with it.

Nelliemoser Wed 20-Nov-13 20:35:39

JessM I understood that the foreskin is not automatically retractable in the early years and it should not be attempted. I probably got that from Dr Gordon Bournes most excellent 1970s book "Pregnancy."

Leave well alone unless they are problems seems to be the general advice.

I can't help thinking the foreskin must be there for a reason and not just to keep the local rabbis and Mohels in business.

felice Wed 20-Nov-13 22:06:00

That is correct but in some children there can be problems and quite nasty urinary tract infections can happen, DDs father had the same problem and after ending up in Hospital age 2 with a very severe infection and had to be circumcised.
We shall see what his very experienced Peadeatrician says tomorrow morning.

Deedaa Wed 20-Nov-13 22:49:41

My husband had to be circumcised when he was about 8 and I suspect it ha affected him more than it would have done when he was a baby. A chap I worked with had to be circumcised when he was in his 20's and didn't find it a pleasant experience!

annodomini Wed 20-Nov-13 22:52:48

One of my GSs had repeated urinary infections and had to be circumcised at the age of 3 without complications and has had no further problems - now 8.

felice Thu 21-Nov-13 07:53:50

I have noticed a couple of asides in comments with regard to Religion and tradition, we are Scottish Presbyterians and I don't think anyone will find any reference to ritual circumcision within our faith.
Both of my sons were born in the 70s' and I remember the Health Visitors in both cases telling me that I should gently pull back their foreskins a little in the bath to make sure they were not too tight. There are many and varied books and opinions on baby care out there.
Thanks for all the comments and experiences.

JessM Thu 21-Nov-13 08:08:06

Sounds like a normal one to me felice I never tried to push back the foreskins on my DS's as this practice could cause soreness. Ah yes I read Gordon Bourne as well when I was an NCT teacher.*nelliemoser*.
My GS seems to have fully retracted his (by age 3) but he is more interested in it than his dad or uncle ever were...

Flowerofthewest Thu 21-Nov-13 10:44:27

My DDS1 had no problems when younger but had to be circumcised when he was 21. His little boy, now 5, is being circumcised next week due to a 'tight' foreskin. His mother told me that if I had had my DDS1 'done' when he was younger he wouldn't have had to have it done at 21!!!!! Literally teaching granny to suck eggs. He didn't need it done, never had infections or problems. The only time I took him to the doctors (running with him in my arms) to do with his penis was when he was 18 months and I had noticed a horrible beige mush in his nappy. The doctor took one look and asked 'Has he had a digestive biscuit?' 'Yes' I replied, thinking that he has peed digestive biscuit shock 'Well, it dropped into is wet nappy and disintegrated' blushblush

My DDS1, when circumcised slept with my net food cover over his 'bits' to keep the sheet off. I never used the thing again.

Flowerofthewest Thu 21-Nov-13 10:44:55

My DDH had to be circumcised in the 40s because he wet the bed!!!!!!!

JessM Thu 21-Nov-13 13:34:08

wot???? oh I thought you'd written "in his 40s" for a minute there... grin

Elegran Thu 21-Nov-13 13:38:30

So did I JessM but then reread it.

Flowerofthewest Thu 21-Nov-13 16:26:11

Jess grin

FlicketyB Fri 22-Nov-13 20:54:19

When DH was in hospital having a hernia repair, almost all the other men in his ward had been admitted for circumcision operations. Most of them were in their 30s and 40s

JessM Fri 22-Nov-13 21:42:00

did they have a special offer on that week?

merlotgran Fri 22-Nov-13 21:53:21

DS had a reaction to an antibiotic when he was five which caused his penis to swell so alarmingly that he was admitted to hospital for a week. Once we were reassured he was on the mend, we joked that if you wanted to visit, he was in bed no. 3,4 and 5! grin

Deedaa Fri 22-Nov-13 22:23:40

That's very unkind merlot grin grin grin

JessM Sat 23-Nov-13 07:55:36

Ah bless him. But it does bring Viz comic to mind - the character who had to carry his testicles around in a wheelbarrow.

feetlebaum Sat 23-Nov-13 08:47:33

That would be Buster Gonad, with his 'unfeasibly large testicles'.

Funny stuff!