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Silverfish Thu 20-Mar-14 21:25:17

I would like to buy my 14 month old grandchild a sing along dvd but can anyone recommend a decent one, some are so Americanised (no offence meant but the tunes are different to british ones), there is such a confusing array on amazon and e bay etc. Would like one that has been recommended

rosequartz Thu 20-Mar-14 21:32:53

We have one called 'First Songs Library' which comes with three books and a CD of over 50 traditional songs.
Not sure if it is still available, as we have had it for about 4 years now.

rosequartz Thu 20-Mar-14 21:41:37

Still available on Amazon, plus one with nursery rhymes. I was surprised to see a couple of poor reviews from people who probably just play it to their children and and don't bother to enact them all with gusto! (most important).

Otherwise, perhaps the Early Learning Centre may have what you are looking for.

Silverfish Thu 20-Mar-14 21:45:19

Is there an early learning centre still. Thought they had gone bust years ago, or did they merge with mothercare

rosequartz Thu 20-Mar-14 21:46:39

Me again! Sing and learn volumes 1&2 look very good by Vicky Arlidge (Amazon), might send for those myself.

rosequartz Thu 20-Mar-14 21:48:27

We have an ELC at our nearest shopping mall, at least it was there at Christmas, admittedly not been since then.

Silverfish Thu 20-Mar-14 21:55:21

Is there one in the wildest north east such as Newcastle or Alnwick

Aka Thu 20-Mar-14 22:12:29

Try listening to some on iTunes first. If you like them then you can order the CD. Or do as I did, download tunes you like and burn your own CD.

Ana Thu 20-Mar-14 22:16:48

Wish I knew how to do that, Aka! confused
The second bit of your post, not the first!

Silverfish Thu 20-Mar-14 22:17:35

Burn my own CD. Doh! Ive tried it but CD did not play, Computer crashed, then I lost all the stuff I downloaded. Took me all day. I tried to put stuff on a mp3 player and no luck again I lost all the tracks.
Gonna stick to knitting and other granny stuff in my spare time.

Aka Thu 20-Mar-14 22:52:42

Collect all the tracks you want onto a named folder on iTunes. Make sure they are in the right order (if it matters to you). Select all then follow the burn option. Make sure you have the right kind of disc of course and it is already formatted.

Sometimes these don't play on all CD players Silverfish one of mine won't play on the in car CD player.

Silverfish Sat 22-Mar-14 09:59:09

How do you know if the disc is the right one, you have to buy so many, I have several packs of cds just doing nothing, they are all different specs. none of them work.

Elegran Sat 22-Mar-14 10:32:05

Act the helpless granny when buying them, silverfish tell them you are new to this and ask for advice on which sort to buy and how to burn the tunes onto it. If you pick a friendly-looking assistant (female is best, and not too young) you stand a chance of coming home with suitable CDs.

waddison1960 Mon 19-May-14 14:23:15

we've got some super DVDs from They have a man fronting them called Tony George and my grandkids can't get enough of him or the music. Honestly, we've worn them out! Definately worth a look.

gillybob Mon 19-May-14 14:26:35

Yes Silverfish ELC at Silverlink (Wallsend) and within Mothercare on Team Valley too.

ninathenana Tue 20-May-14 06:49:52

If you order from ELC on line you can click n collect from your local Mothercare shop.

Silverfish Tue 20-May-14 19:56:51

thank you all, I will try silverlink. ELC.