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What to do with Rolf Harris autograph?

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vicky1 Thu 03-Jul-14 09:01:17

Hello all
31 year old interloper again, hope you don't mind me posting- just wanted to get some sensible perspective on this.
As a child I idolised Rolf Harris, his TV programme was the highlight of my week etc. When I was 6 he gave a show in our local theatre and I got to meet him afterwards and got a signed copy of his book. He seemed lovely and the book was my most prized possession for years.
Obviously my feelings towards him have totally changed in the last couple of months and it turns out he was not the nice man I thought he wad. Part of me knows I should throw out the signed book but I still feel a sentimental attachment to it and it feels like throwing away part of my childhood. What should I do? Thanks and sorryfor long post

J52 Thu 03-Jul-14 09:10:21

Burn it!

Anniebach Thu 03-Jul-14 09:21:31

Keep it, put it in a drawer and allow time to pass , you can dispose of it at a later date if you still want to, but you cannot retrieve it if you dispose of it now

vicky1 Thu 03-Jul-14 09:23:53

@J52 yes you are right I know I should really, think I must be in denial about the whole horrible episode.
Sorry for my appalling spelling by the way, my fingers are too fat for smartphone keyboard

NanKate Thu 03-Jul-14 09:35:18

Vicky did you know that you can buy for about a fiver a little plastic stick (lots of colours available) to use to type on your smartphone ? You can buy some that are pens one end and keyboard sticks the other.

I would try and sell the book on EBay and give the money to Childline.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 03-Jul-14 09:36:32

Keep it. Just think how much the autographs of Peter Sutcliffe or Fred West would fetch on ebay today. Could contribute to your pension pot.

Aka Thu 03-Jul-14 09:40:16

Keep it. And if you eventually get a good price for it give it to an appropriate charity.

whenim64 Thu 03-Jul-14 09:55:06

Yes, keep it. If you feel like getting rid of it later on, when Rolf Harris art is not being argued over, you can decide whether you want to dispose of it then. He wasn't personally known to you, nor were you harmed by him as a child. Other people with more personal concerns will most likely want to deal with things differently. Some paintings he did may be inappropriate to display in the light of his convictions, but your autographed book doesn't come into that category.

Nelliemoser Thu 03-Jul-14 10:14:24

I would doubt if any respectably charity would want to do anything with RHs autograph now. I and any charity trying to sell it would /should be very worried that it might one day get into the hands of weirdos as a "trophy."

Mishap Thu 03-Jul-14 10:31:30

Do you have a bin? That's where I would put it! As you get older you will find your home is cluttered up with things and you need to keep only the precious ones.

Agus Thu 03-Jul-14 11:12:28

In certain situations Vicky I follow my instinct. If you feel uncomfortable owning it, bin it. If not, keep it, although, I wonder who would really want to buy anything related to RH.

Tegan Thu 03-Jul-14 11:31:57

Wrap it up and put it away somewhere where you can't see it. What has happened now doesn't change how you felt at the time and you may want to see it again in years to come [I'd give anything to have my childhood books again, which my mum threw away]. However if, as has been said, it makes you feel uneasy, burn it and watch it burn; it will be cathartic and you can move on from it. If you bin it, it will still exist somewhere even if it's only a landfill site.

vicky1 Thu 03-Jul-14 11:36:39

Thanks everyone, think I will stash it in a drawer for now and make a decision later.
@whenim64 I know, it's ridiculius to feel let down by a celebrity really
@Mishap - my house is cluttered up with things already!
@jinglbellsfrocks - what's a pension pot? :-)
@nankate good idea - have just remembered husband used to have a plastic stylus for one of his Nintendo things, will have a look for it!

JackyB Thu 03-Jul-14 11:42:30

I think it may have curiosity value later on, but I would not feel happy keeping it. There are probably loads of people in a similar position (not only with Rolf Harris memorabilia - there are more!)

What has the Queen done with that portrait he painted?

janerowena Thu 03-Jul-14 12:40:14

Oh heavens, I had forgotten that! It's probably locked in a dungeon somewhere.

Elegran Thu 03-Jul-14 12:50:08

Lady Churchill burnt a Graham Sutherland portrait of Winston that they didn't like. Maybe the queen will burn the Harris portrait.

vegasmags Thu 03-Jul-14 12:57:22

If you really don't know what a pension pot is, I would suggest you find out rather than worrying about Rolf Harris's autograph.

vicky1 Thu 03-Jul-14 13:15:57

@vegasmags was trying to be funny... obviously unsuccessfully
Perhaps the queen will be along on here soon asking advice about the painting!

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 03-Jul-14 14:16:01

Yes! I'm very interested in what is going to happen about the painting! shockgrin

sunseeker Thu 03-Jul-14 16:29:21

I thought the painting had been with some gallery or other but they now say they don't know where it is! I don't think it was ever meant to be kept by HM (although I believe it was displayed at Buck House for a short time).

vicky1 Thu 03-Jul-14 17:00:13

No doubt it will reappear on Cash in the Attic in about twenty years' time.

busybee08 Sat 05-Jul-14 14:38:35

Hi everyone

just signed up to gransnet.

so i'm having to get use to how this works..

I think its up to you what you do about it. but bare in mind what the children who he abused will only be a reminder to you how they suffered at his hands.....

FarNorth Sat 05-Jul-14 14:46:09

Good idea to put it away for now, vicky1.
I also wonder who would want to buy such a thing, (answer: probably some weirdo) so I think it'd be best to destroy it if you do decide to get rid.

Rowantree Sat 05-Jul-14 19:42:58

I'd keep it for now, as others have suggested - just put it away quietly until it gains notoriety value, as whenim has suggested!

I suspect people everywhere will be ransacking their old music collections to bin recordings of Two Little Boys, Sun Arise and Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport...

Rowantree Sat 05-Jul-14 19:43:45

And I've remembered that Maggie T LOVED 'Two Little Boys'. I wonder what she'd think of it now.