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geeljay Wed 17-Sep-14 00:40:02

I wish to buy a new TV. I don't want lots of stuff that Cyrrys boyos can talk to me about. I want to get a flat screen, about 28inch, with freeview and the ability to play DVDs. Not interested in any games etc (though the grandchildren would find this a plus). No plans for sky or cable, just a free standing unit, we can unplug and take if we leave for a new address. Any sound advice out there?

kittylester Wed 17-Sep-14 07:04:49

We bought a new tv last year and noticed that there were few 'basic' models and we use very few of the available thingies on ours. The modern thin tvs are difficult to hear clearly (or we find them so) so we bought a sound bar too!

The John Lewis website has a good comparison facility! Good luck!

kittylester Wed 17-Sep-14 07:11:09

By the way - I'm not a grandad but thought I'd put my fourpenn'orth in anyway! grin

Nelliemoser Wed 17-Sep-14 07:27:14

Why was it sent to "ask a grand dad" anyway? I am sure there are plenty of women on here who could advise.;-)

NanKate Wed 17-Sep-14 07:52:21

Geeljay I suggest that you list on a piece of paper your requirements then go to big store (we got ours from John Lewis). Then ask to speak to one of the older more experienced staff to help you make a decision.

I find that some of the younger staff have been brought up in the computer age so just expect us older folk to know what they are talking about. And the speak too quickly.

If I may put a few suggestions to help you as follows

You don't need a Smart TV unless you want the Internet and Catch Up tv.
You may need to buy to buy a separate DVD machine.
Do invest in them setting it up for you and taking you through how it works.

Finally, not to complicate things too much we bought a PVR (personal video recorder) made by Humax it is great. It records 2 programmes at a time whilst I am watching one I recorded earlier. Perhaps you could think about that at a later date once your new tv is installed.

Best of luck.

mollie65 Wed 17-Sep-14 07:53:35

my old Sony trinitron crt tv finally lost its tube a few weeks ago - it was at least 15 years old and lost a bit of widescreen TV but the sound was wonderful.
I have bought an LCD tv on ebay for circa £50 which has built in freeview but no DVD player - my argument is the more bits on something the more things to go wrong.
my criticisms
- sound is very tinny (this is a Toshiba not a cheapo model)
- the built in freeview does not allow me to access Radio as a digibox does
- there is only one scart socket
- the screen attracts dog hairs, dust and general old cottage debris - so need specialist cleaner wipes.
other than that the picture is crystal clear smile

Marmight Wed 17-Sep-14 07:54:35

Good idea to ask a Grandad. It may encourage a few more to join in the conversations! wink

Nelliemoser Wed 17-Sep-14 08:28:19

Ggood point Marmight They need to think they are needed from time to time.

I was in B&Q some time ago looking for a surform blade.

The youngish male assistant did not not have clue what I was talking about. Another woman about my age had to back me up that such things existed.
We woman do not sit on our backsides just sewing fine seams.

vegasmags Wed 17-Sep-14 08:45:13

mollie - I sympathise in that sound quality on the old CRTs was far superior to the modern flat screens. I suppose this is the price we pay for having a TV that isn't the size of a dog kennel, but it does seem that manufacturers have concentrated on the visual and forgotten about the audio. I think it's a cheek to expect people to fork out for a sound bar ie posh new name for speakers. I am hearing impaired and have to have subtitles on all the time to catch what's been said, but not all channels support subtitles, unfortunately.

feetlebaum Wed 17-Sep-14 09:18:35

The main disadvantage with the thin modern TV set, apart from the godawful sound quality, is that the cat can't sleep on top of it in the wamth... Or maybe that could be considered a plus point, unless you are the cat.

I don't use it often, but being able to download catch-up programmes via my wireless router is very handy, and still seems a bit miraculous!

glammanana Wed 17-Sep-14 09:31:48

We up graded ours last year to a 42" model but it doesn't have a built in DVD player as suggested OH said more things to go wrong,we bought from JL and they where very good and set it up for us on delivery I would always go to JL rather than any of the other stores their service is second to none in my opinion.

geeljay Wed 17-Sep-14 09:51:23

Apparently, the flatscreen by it's design does not allow for depth of quality speakers. I can add speakers and a dvd player, but I didn't want the hassle of lots of add ons. But seems it is a Hobsons choice. Thanks everyone for sharing your valued wisdom.Regards. Gordon

tanith Wed 17-Sep-14 15:13:13

OH bought a Smart TV much against my wishes last Christmas and I have to say I had to eat my words, the internet access and catch up tv has been a boon to me as I no longer faff about recording things to watch when I want (mostly I never get round to it), I just go to the tv hub and watch anything that's been on whenever I want.. its great as I spend a lot of time outside and now if there is a dull or wet day I can catch up with stuff at my leisure.
Also we have Netflix for a very small amount monthly so in the Winter my choice of programs or films will come in handy on the odd day I'm not busy elsewhere.

petra Wed 17-Sep-14 16:41:27

Smart TVs are wonderful. IMHO the only way to go now if your buying a new one. And the powers that be have cottoned on to the fact that it's our age group that have the money to buy them. So they have made them operator friendly.

suzied Wed 17-Sep-14 17:25:30

I love my smart TV. We bought it from Richer Sounds which is worth a visit if you have a branch near you as all the staff are really knowledgeable and the prices are equivalent to J Lewis. You will need a sound bar , but the sound quality is fantastic from ours which is a Sonos system. We can get all sorts of radio stations and play our iTunes through it. amazing!