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MiceElf Wed 22-Oct-14 20:12:10

Black from navy tights on a dark morning.

I fretted all day yesterday when I found I was wearing navy tights with a black and red skirt. They look the same in the drawer.

thatbags Wed 22-Oct-14 20:17:07

Why didn't you just change them when you could see?

thatbags Wed 22-Oct-14 20:19:24

I distinguish blacks from dark navies by putting them at different sides of the drawer. I'm talking about T-shirts though, not tights.

I just have to remember which side....

However, I just remembered how I know which are Minibags's black tights and which are mine. I knot a piece of red thread in the waistband of mine.

MiceElf Wed 22-Oct-14 20:39:43

I was on the tube with no time to turn back. And no time to buy a pair of cheap ones either.

The red thread is a good idea.

GrannyTwice Wed 22-Oct-14 20:44:59

I use different drawers for the black and navy tights - black in bottom drawer ( B for black and bottom). I would fret terribly if I got it wrong blush for being so shallow!

GrannyTwice Wed 22-Oct-14 20:45:47

But if DH has done the washing and put it away........

tanith Wed 22-Oct-14 21:16:28

Luckily I don't have the problem as I don't own a pair of tights lol!

rosequartz Wed 22-Oct-14 21:18:24

I went to work wearing one black shoe and one navy shoe (identical shoes apart from the colour). I didn't notice until a male colleague pointed it out.

Deedaa Wed 22-Oct-14 21:33:03

The same thing happened to a friend of mine rosequartz she had identical loafers, one black pair and one navy. We were halfway through the day before anyone noticed.

Soutra Wed 22-Oct-14 22:20:31

Rather than being a fashionista faux pas- navy and black ate very on trend this seasonwink

Soutra Wed 22-Oct-14 22:21:25

Rather than being a fashionista faux pas- navy and black ate very on trend this seasonwink

Soutra Wed 22-Oct-14 22:23:14

So good I had to say it twice blush

annodomini Wed 22-Oct-14 22:26:34

I got home from a meeting with the head of the school where I was chair of governors, and only noticed then that I was wearing one black and one navy shoe. I don't know if she had noticed, but was her usual tactful self. Only this morning, I almost went out with one matt black loafer and one black patent loafer. They had been parked together ready for me to slip my feet into.

etheltbags1 Wed 22-Oct-14 22:35:17

I often wear odd socks, as I wear mainly black socks I find matching them up a chore so I just put two black ones together and sometimes they are a different shade of black or have a coloured toe or top. I am used ot this now and if anyone points it out I just say 'oops, done it again'.

ffinnochio Wed 22-Oct-14 22:37:23

Basket of black, grey, navy socks lived on the landing from which I, my sons and husband hoicked out a pair in the mornings. Sometimes they got mixed up, but nobody seemed to notice. Living in a mostly all male household had it advantages.
I kept my leggings/tights separate, obviously... smile

rubysong Wed 22-Oct-14 23:22:03

Glad I'm not the only one who went out in mismatched shoes. I was reclining on the dentist's chair when I realised, after spending the morning at work.
I don't have any navy tights but I have black and brown. Easy to tell the difference as the brown ones are a bit loose and need magic knickers over the top to keep them up!

Granny23 Thu 23-Oct-14 01:47:24

7 year old DGS deliberately wears mismatched socks. If anyone points this out he just says 'it's the fashion'. Now that the trend of wearing contrasting socks has spread like wild fire through the school (and to teachers, parents and even this Granny) it is indeed 'the fashion' at least locally.

gillybob Thu 23-Oct-14 08:34:00

My DGD (6) is doing exactly the same granny23 much to her older sister's (who's 8) disgust. Infact younger granddaughter seems to be a bit contrary about most things. I took her into school a few weeks ago and she pulled her long socks over her knees. Older granddaughter (who obviously thinks she's cool) said "if you don't put them socks right I'm not walking beside you" to which younger DGD replied "great, I didn't want to walk with you anyway" we then go into school with a chorus of "tell her grandma, tell her grandma"

I think the odd socks thing could easily catch on. I often have to hold tights up against a pair of trousers I know are definitely black in order to double check the colour MiceElf it is so difficult to tell.

rosequartz Thu 23-Oct-14 14:16:58

Soutra black and navy shoes weren't so 'on-trend' twenty years ago! That's my lot, though, never in fashion!

Soutra Thu 23-Oct-14 14:29:10

DGS - 3 next month- insists on odd socks and odd slippers ( but gets them on correct feet) I expect he would do the same with shoes if e had more than one pair which fitted him. Not a battle I choose to fight- he is an individualist( and stubborn with it!)

KatyK Thu 23-Oct-14 16:42:28

I just keep them in the packets/wrappers or whatever they are in.

rubysong Thu 23-Oct-14 16:57:26

When one sock of a pair has to be thrown away I always keep the other one and wear these odd 'pairs' when I'm gardening or wearing boots. My Yorkshire blood won't let me throw away a perfectly serviceable sock.

pompa Thu 23-Oct-14 17:14:32

Nothing wrong with odd socks - very stylish, especially if they are really odd.
Odd shoes, LOL. I was out with Linda and I could here this odd sound behind me, clomp - clomp ---- clomp etc. She had one leather soled shoe and one rubber soled.