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Toy that doesn't weigh to much

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tanith Sun 02-Nov-14 14:49:37

I need suggestions for a 'nice' toy for a 16mth old boy , I have to send my youngest grandsons christmas pressie abroad so weight is an issue, I'd of preferred something wooden but they all weigh so much.
I already have some clothes, book and a couple of small bits but its a main toy that is light , prefer nothing plasticky but something educational and sturdy so any suggestions please..

tanith Sun 02-Nov-14 14:51:12

I do now wonder whether what I have plus a voucher might be the solution although I gave them money for his birthday and I do think they would prefer something I have chosen... hey ho..

yogagran Sun 02-Nov-14 14:55:48

I've used The Book Depository in the past for sending presents abroad, just wondering if there's a similar website for toys hmm

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 02-Nov-14 15:14:03

Is it Gibraltar you are sending to Tanith? (your profile) I googled Toys r Us, and there appears to be one in Gibraltar. Perhaps you could choose a toy here and send the money for the parents to purchase it over there.

Ride ons are popular with little boys. smile

Atqui Sun 02-Nov-14 15:15:50

Or you could buy something on Amazon which I did last year for great niece in California

Atqui Sun 02-Nov-14 15:22:57

Also , although my daughter doesn't like plastic toys, and we prefer wooden ones too , we bought some Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs, which have given hours of pleasure , and are very useful to take out to amuse while waiting, for example ,for food to come in a cafe. As she has grown , they have given new challenges in the sorting skills.

rosequartz Sun 02-Nov-14 15:47:01

I have spent years looking for lightweight presents to send overseas and, however light I think they are, I always end up spending far too much money on postage. There are some sites where you can choose something and they will package the gift and deliver it. I'm not sure about Gibraltar.

DGC is a bit older than your GS so this year we are contributing to one large present for him, but I've already bought a fairly large box of Lego and am wondering just how much it will cost to send (plus a few other things I couldn't resist). hmm
When he is older your DGC may really like having a voucher for, say Toys R Us, and choosing something himself.

tanith Sun 02-Nov-14 16:21:55

Thanks for all the ideas jinglebellsfrocks I think that Toys R Us is actually over the border in La Linea but they do have an Early Learning Centre it appears in Gibraltar which I found while searching for the Toys R Us so thanks for putting me on the right track..
I will take a look at the Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs but I think I will probably settle for an Early Learning Centre voucher to go with what I already have...

It sure not simple when they are so far away... Hope the Lego doesn't weigh too much rosequartz grin

susieb755 Sun 02-Nov-14 20:40:15

My DGS is in berlin - I have sent stuff via and from Uk amazon - it arrives quickly and you can have it wrapped and gift tagged

absent Sun 02-Nov-14 22:27:24

I sympathise tanith. With four grandchildren in New Zealand, I found myself spending well over £100 on postage every Christmas and about £60 for each birthday – for years and years. I always tried to buy light things but they still added up. It is wonderful now to stock the drawers under my bed to hide whatever I want to give them without having to worry about the weight. Of course, it's even more wonderful to be with them at Christmas and on birthdays.

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 02-Nov-14 22:39:31

smile x