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Disposing of old knives

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tanith Mon 22-Dec-14 15:20:58

While reorganising my kitchen I found my old knife block which I stuck at the back of the cupboard as I wasn't sure how to dispose of them... can I just wrap them carefully and put them in with household waste? I don't feel quite comfortable with that to be honest or donating them at a charity shop... any suggestions folks?

Liz46 Mon 22-Dec-14 15:23:59

Does a scrap metal man come down your road?

Grannyknot Mon 22-Dec-14 15:24:26

I'd also like to know. I'll be very surprised if charity shops accept them! It's a real nuisance actually, how to dispose of old knives.

I also can't seem to find anyone to sharpen my favourite old knives properly. I seem to remember that long ago key cutters/locksmiths also offered that service but when I asked at my local one the man just shook his head.

kittylester Mon 22-Dec-14 16:25:22

DH uses a steel but my butcher will do it if I ask. My Dad used to use the back step.

I think our dump has a bin for them Tanith.

hildajenniJ Mon 22-Dec-14 16:32:19

Our local recycling centre takes them. It is where I take all our old electrical appliances (broken radios etc).

tanith Mon 22-Dec-14 16:34:27

Thanks for the suggestions I will check out our council site see if the have a bin at our recycle centre...

Jamaloka Mon 22-Dec-14 17:14:15

We had this problem when we last moved house and were at a loss as to dispose of several very sharp knives. We called the local police station for advice and they said to bring them up to them and they would deal with it,which we did. Did not want them getting into the wrong hands.

dogsdinner Mon 22-Dec-14 17:29:27

Our local cobbler sharpens knives also garden shears etc. Metal recycling bin for unwanted knives.

pompa Mon 22-Dec-14 18:27:15

You could offer them on Freecycle

FlicketyB Mon 22-Dec-14 18:28:38

When clearing DF's house I took all his kitchen knives to the tip and threw them in the metal recycling skip.

TriciaF Tue 23-Dec-14 16:27:02

FlicketyB - same here when I cleared out my Mum's house.
She had hidden some kitchen knives among piles of old newspapers in the garage - perhaps she was nervous about being there on her own after Dad died, but she never said.
Bless her - maybe that's why she was so happy to be in an old age home eventually, she felt safe there.

rockgran Wed 24-Dec-14 14:58:49

I just read that as "disposing of old wives". Phew!

rosequartz Wed 24-Dec-14 15:03:39

You can take them to the police station and they will dispose if them for you. That's what the charity shop advised us to do when we took them in.

Elegran Wed 24-Dec-14 15:04:56

What about one of the "new start" schemes for people starting out with no household possessions?

Tegan Wed 24-Dec-14 15:06:16

I've got several old knives in the kitchen which need disposing of but I didn't know what to do with them; I'll try the local police [the only problem being that I'm not sure where they hang out these days confused....]

Stansgran Thu 01-Jan-15 16:01:43

shock at people throwing away SHARP knives. Older knives which have lost their edge are dotted around the garden in pots to tidy paving and discourage dandelions.