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FUKP anyone?

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Riverwalk Wed 14-Jan-15 19:44:18

It seems the country is ready to vote for a bloke waving a pint around offering common sense solutions.

Al Murray the pub landlord

Anne58 Wed 14-Jan-15 19:58:52


kittylester Wed 14-Jan-15 20:41:31

Love it! grin

Ariadne Wed 14-Jan-15 20:58:04


Marmight Wed 14-Jan-15 21:14:07

grin love it

numberplease Wed 14-Jan-15 21:23:44

Pity he won`t get elected!........Will he?

Pittcity Wed 14-Jan-15 21:49:47

I'm moving to South Thanet now! One of the manifesto pledges is to reinstate the original size and recipe for Creme Eggs..... Gets my vote grin

pompa Wed 14-Jan-15 22:13:41

Sorry, I must be odd, thought it was a video for the C.R.A.P party.

Tegan Wed 14-Jan-15 23:08:26

Has anyone ever seen any of Al Murrays programmes about Germany? I was quite surprised when I first saw them on BBC4 [I believe his family are originally from Germany [?]] because I'd never seen his shows and assumed that, with his alter ego name he was a comedian of the Roy Chubby Brown ilk.

rubysong Wed 14-Jan-15 23:30:53

DH will be requesting a move to South Thanet (wherever that is) for the 1p pint. grin

Anne58 Wed 14-Jan-15 23:34:38

From what I have seen, heard and read, he seems to be quite a decent chap.

vampirequeen Thu 15-Jan-15 07:27:03

Brilliant. I wonder how many BNP and EDL members will vote for him because they think he's genuine grin

J52 Thu 15-Jan-15 07:58:20

He went to Oxford and read History, so if he does get elected (!!) he would probably be no worse than the others, but funnier! x

hildajenniJ Thu 15-Jan-15 08:02:20

Where is South Thanet? I'm off there asap. Love the Pub Landlord. Up the FUKP, and Carlisle for the cup!!!

janeainsworth Thu 15-Jan-15 08:17:52

Love his solution to the A&E crisis.......'anyone who turns up at A&E who isn't a genuine accident or emergency to be shipped off to a random hospital and practised on'

Teetime Thu 15-Jan-15 08:34:01

He's a clever bloke - love his satirical take on life.

POGS Thu 15-Jan-15 12:50:40


They have just shown a very small bit of the clip and are now discussing this on Daily Politics. Not that it was a deep thinking debate and only lasted about 3 minutes.

I like Al Murray , I could be tempted. grin

Anne58 Thu 15-Jan-15 13:05:06

One of the bookmakers is offering 66/1 on him getting elected and evens on him beating the Lib Dems!

Jane10 Thu 15-Jan-15 18:27:24

I'd vote for him! What a laugh

Iam64 Thu 15-Jan-15 18:49:54

This is great news. He'll out Farage - Farage grin

durhamjen Thu 15-Jan-15 23:40:40

Vampire, there aren't many far right left to vote for him according to this article.

Unless they all live in Thanet, of course.