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confused by Amazon

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MamaCaz Thu 15-Jan-15 10:54:40

I bought a spice rack off Amazon last week, and now it's arrived and I've seen that it is perfect for the job, I want to buy another. Obviously, I want one that is identical, so last night I went on Amazon, went into My Orders, and clicked on the Buy Again option under the said item.
This morning, I got confirmation that it has now been dispatched, but I happened to notice that it is from a different seller confused

Wouldn't you think that the Buy Again option should mean purchasing from the same seller?

I'm concerned now that I won't get an identical item - a different shade of wood would stand out like a sore thumb in the place it is to go. I have a feeling that if that were the case, I would be on very shaky ground refund-wise!

Does anyone know how the system works, and why it wasn't from the same seller?

Ana Thu 15-Jan-15 10:57:22

Perhaps the original seller was out of stock?

Don't worry about a refund, you don't even have to give a reason for return, and you can download a prepaid label.

Falconbird Thu 15-Jan-15 11:08:20

Yes don't worry about it all. I have ordered stuff from Amazon for years and they are very reasonable about returns and refunds if the goods are not what you wanted.

glammanana Thu 15-Jan-15 11:17:45

I wouldn't worry Mama as said probably out of stock with original seller,we ordered some anti-allergy dog bedding and re-ordered some more for my car and it came from another supplier they where exactly the same product so I don't think you will have any problems and as Ana says it's so easy to return & refund.

vampirequeen Thu 15-Jan-15 11:18:37

You're allowed to return things bought by mail order.

soontobe Thu 15-Jan-15 11:24:12

Echo the above. But woods always vary slightly anyway.

MamaCaz Thu 15-Jan-15 11:55:27

Yes - I forgot to say that I was more bothered about the cost of returning it, as that won't be refunded unless there is something wrong with the item / some mistake by Amazon or seller.
However, even if it were to cost me, I guess there are a far worse things to worry about grin.

I buy from Amazon all the time, and have hardly ever had to return anything. That said, I bought a couple of cross stitch kits at the weekend, and when they arrived I discovered that they were smaller than I had expected. Every kit I have ever bought in the past gave the dimensions of the stitched area, whereas the size given for these turned out to be the size of the piece of fabric provided, which is vastly different.
I'm keeping one of the kits, but am returning the other as it would be too small for my needs. As far as I'm concerned, the item wasn't as described, but it will be interesting to see if they accept that reason and refund my postage on that!

Mishap Thu 15-Jan-15 12:07:20

I use amazon a lot as we have little in the way of nearby shops.

One thing I have noticed is that if you search for something, then every site you go on after that has adverts pop up for similar items; and I have also noticed that sometimes when you go back on amazon to look at the item, lo and behold the price has gone up!

MamaCaz Thu 15-Jan-15 12:39:44

Mishap: Last year, I decided to track the price of an item on Amazon because I was only prepared to buy it if the price got a lot lower. I was amazed to find how often the price changed, sometimes several times in one day, and often only by a few pence. Strange!