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Is there an alternative to Amazon that is as good as Amazon?

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kittylester Wed 08-Apr-15 07:40:11

I've just discovered that I became an Amazon Prime. Member last November!! confused. I didn't even sign up for the free trial so am bewildered about how that happened. I suspect the payment slipped through as part of the Christmas buying spree!

Anyway, I shall obviously keep using it until it expires and cancel the DD but, is there another Amazon type website that I should use?

pompa Wed 08-Apr-15 07:49:47

That happened to me, luckily I spotted it (they sent me an email) before the free trial expired.

Bez Wed 08-Apr-15 07:50:18

Sometimes if you opt to have the really fast delivery you agree to trial Prime and then they charge you - happened to me and I wondered what the charge on my credit card was - rang the bank and they suggested what it could be - Amazon cancelled it as soon as I rang them. It was so easy to inadvertently agree to it.

Lona Wed 08-Apr-15 07:57:02

I always check and double check with Amazon, they don't miss a trick to get your money!

GrannyTwice Wed 08-Apr-15 08:03:09

I stopped using Amazon because of their failure to pay their taxes. I have not found another site anywhere near as comprehensive but I nearly always find what I want with a bit of searching at a broadly similar or sometimes cheaper price. I use Amazon still to get my target price

kittylester Wed 08-Apr-15 08:22:10

Amazon is so easy to use though, especially when time is short! sad

annsixty Wed 08-Apr-15 08:31:16

Yes kitty it is and I am another regular user. I can no longer get out for "proper shopping" and find them very good so my conscience has to take a back seat.

feetlebaum Wed 08-Apr-15 08:48:07

Last Autumn I had terrible problems with delivery, and, judging by comments on Amazon's site I was not alone... I was waiting for the new Photoshop Elements version, which I was repeatedly told was 'out for delivery' but later 'failed to deliver' with a threat to stop trying after a third go... I bitched about it in an email to their UK CEO.

On the seventh day - it arrived. Couriers had been saying they couldn't find my address - which is odd because everybody else can! I was awarded £25 credit to say sorry.

I rather hope Amazon have sorted that problem out now - I haven't had any more such problems.

GrannyTwice Wed 08-Apr-15 09:32:35

Yes Kitty - it's a really well designed site. I still use their wish list facility to store ideas. I've always found their service really good as well - can't remember any problems <sighs>

KatyK Wed 08-Apr-15 10:05:56

I don't like recommending in case anything goes wrong for people but I will say I have used a site called (which for some reason has now changed its name to or something similar). They are a very similar company to Amazon and I have never had a problem with them.

Mishap Wed 08-Apr-15 10:43:19

I find ebay good - so far I have never been let down (hope I'm not speaking too soon!). What is also good about them is that they allow you to spend a small amount, whereas amazon won't let you spend less than £10.

Mishap Wed 08-Apr-15 10:45:48

feetle - is a free download which has everything that Photoshop Elements has. Too late!!!

FlicketyB Wed 08-Apr-15 11:22:15

I use Amazon to research any book I want and then buy it from Waterstones.

Grannyknot Wed 08-Apr-15 12:42:20

Amazon is amazing - I bought husband a pair of sandals for his birthday, very quick delivery (the man actually opened our front door thinking it was the "safe place" leaving spot) smile - he didn't fancy them so they had to go back, I printed out a returns label and bagged them up, took them to the FREE collect spot on our high street, handed the parcel in, the label was scanned, as I was walking back my phone beeped and it was an email to say that the credit was being effected! So in other words the scanning exercise was enough to trigger that.


GrannyTwice Wed 08-Apr-15 12:49:56

Ohh I know sad

AshTree Wed 08-Apr-15 12:54:04

I use Amazon a lot. I am not going to apologise for it - their prices are good, their service in my experience has always been excellent, and their delivery prompt.
I was caught with the Prime thing once, but I realised at once what I'd done so went straight into my account and cancelled the trial - I still had it till the end of the trial period which was nice, but then it stopped, and nothing was taken from my bank account.
Yes, I know they are wrong re not paying UK taxes, but that's for the government to sort out, not me. I'd like to live by my principles all the time but, as someone once said to me, principles don't pay the bills.

GrannyTwice Wed 08-Apr-15 13:06:14

I don't think people should have to explain why they use Amazon . At one level I'm mad not to use them . But I have had some really nice experiences using local businesses instead and saved money - one example was our local toy shop. It's more time consuming but it really isn't more expensive in most cases. I do like supporting local businesses - it helps keep our town lively and interesting still having some independent shops. The thing I miss most is the range of choice on Amazon

shysal Wed 08-Apr-15 13:26:54

I find that I can buy most things cheaper than Amazon on Ebay, except for CDs and DVDs. For books I use the Book Depository, which is usually cheapest despite being acquired by Amazon a few years ago.

numberplease Wed 08-Apr-15 15:24:56

I have been using Amazon for a long time, mainly for books, but I have had other things as well. The service is good, as are the prices, my conscience is clear. And you CAN spend less than £10, it`s just that under that amount you are charged postage, £10 and over it`s free delivery.

GrannyTwice Wed 08-Apr-15 16:01:17

Number - it's nothing to do with conscience is it? It's more a political ( small p) statement I'm making. I think conscience would come into it if you knew small children were working 12 hour days to pack the Amazon parcels.

Grannyknot Wed 08-Apr-15 16:02:59

I use Amazon, and I also support local businesses when I shop. It just depends on what I'm looking for and the mood I'm in grin.

JessM Wed 08-Apr-15 16:50:19

I can't boycott Amazon - my books are on there. In mitigation their huge sales of e-books does incur VAT (unlike print books which don't ) - so they do generate a wodge of £££ to the economy in that form.

GrannyTwice Wed 08-Apr-15 16:56:35

So ebooks = OK?

sunseeker Wed 08-Apr-15 17:15:20

I use Rakuten (used to be I usually buy DVD's and find the prices are similar to Amazon and the postage is normally free. If I do buy from Amazon I always change the delivery option from 1st class to free delivery - it means waiting a bit longer but that isn't really a problem for me. Not been caught out by the Prime system (yet!)

durhamjen Wed 08-Apr-15 17:26:57

I use
For books, games, DVDs,etc. It uses your local bookshop for free delivery, but if you do not have a local bookshop it delivers free to your home. I have found some of their books are cheaper than on Amazon or the Book People.
That does not matter to me because, like GrannyTwice, I stopped using Amazon ages ago.
I think there is a website called Amazonfree. Have to check.