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Child car seats !

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grannylyn65 Thu 15-Oct-15 18:55:39

Myself and my friend (seaoned Grans! ) have just spent nearly an hour trying to harness wriggling toddler into infernal contraption aka known as car seat. Neither of us having a degree in mechanics we found it nearly impossible to work out which bit went where, and were only saved by passing mother. Neither of us can remember seats being si complicated, or are we past it !!!!!

grannylyn65 Thu 15-Oct-15 18:56:05


Iam64 Thu 15-Oct-15 19:38:03

We are to put our 5 month old grandson in his car seat into our car for the first time tomorrow. You've made me even more anxious than I was already grannylyn!

hildajenniJ Thu 15-Oct-15 19:39:29

No you're not past it! The one my DD has is quite challenging! I had to ask her how to do it when I first strapped DGS 3 into it. The previous one they had was much easier, but the three DGC before him had worn that one out.

rosequartz Thu 15-Oct-15 19:42:02

No, we heaved a sigh of relief when all ours were old enough to go into booster seats.

We could never seem to loosen/tighten the straps on the baby car seat, used to have to ask a neighbour to help.

Ana Thu 15-Oct-15 19:42:33

Iam64, at 5 months he'll be fine - it's when they discovery their ability to resist with stiff limbs and determined screaming that you'll start losing the will to live...grin

Iam64 Thu 15-Oct-15 19:45:16

I do hope so Ana. I remember my own doing that stiff limb thing, like putting wooden planks who could scream into the seats. This seat though does look like a feat of engineering. I feel slightly ashamed to confess, I might just leave it to Mr i am

grannylyn65 Thu 15-Oct-15 20:04:04

If only I had a Mr! Then again.......!
Eventually I 'googled it' and have been practising with a large teddy! I have now drawn little arrows which I hope will help! Grandson aged nearly 3 was trying to help, but DGD aged nearly 7 was quite scathing and has perfected the eye rolling and; Oh Granny !!!!
Iam you'll be fine x

jogginggirl Thu 15-Oct-15 20:27:25

Can't wait for the booster seat stage... only because the 'divas' keep telling me they're too old for 'baby' seats wink

annodomini Thu 15-Oct-15 20:31:46

In the long ago days of the egg shaped Britax baby seats, DS2 managed to do what his older brother never did - he wriggled out of his straps and the first thing we knew about it was his little face coming between the two front seats. We never saw him doing it and 42 years later he, of course, can't remember. hmm

Luckygirl Thu 15-Oct-15 20:32:43

I made a rule with my children that they should fix the car seat in the car and give me detailed instructions as to how to fix the child in the seat!

Little trick with my DGD, from the age of about 1, has been that she could choose a fruit pouch to take with her in the car, but it would not be opened till she was firmly strapped in. She has got the message and leaves the house clutching her chosen pouch and happily sits in her seat awaiting the opening!

Luckygirl Thu 15-Oct-15 20:33:39

I should say that these rules and strategies only evolved after bitter experiences very like the OP above!

grannylyn65 Thu 15-Oct-15 20:43:53

Is that OP Old People or Other People !!grin

Nelliemoser Thu 15-Oct-15 22:52:18

I can strap mine into the seat but my thumbs are not always working well enough to holding all the bits of the seat buckle together to do it up.

I bought an adjustable car seat to use in my car just before DGS2 was born. I was on granny duty when DD was in labour. Getting the car seat itself properly fixed into my car was another matter altogether.
After some total panic I discovered there was a manufacturers excellent video on how to fit it which I loaded onto my tablet. I practised getting the seat in and out of the car a few times each day for about a week before I could do it very quickly

We had enough trouble with the push chair when we first took DGS 1 out in the park with it. We got the push chair up ok but could not fathom out how to collapse it. We brought it home upside down in front passenger seat. with OH sitting next to the little one.

grannyqueenie Thu 15-Oct-15 23:27:24

Like your strategy lucky girl! "That stiff limb thing" - my own and the grandchildren have all done it. I've often thought that if children had hinged middles life would be much easier all round grin

Indinana Thu 15-Oct-15 23:37:11

On the way to collect DD and baby from hospital, we had to stop at Mothercare to get someone to show us how to disconnect the infernal thing from its Isofix base. We had been trying for the best part of an hour at home, having clicked it into place so easily. Neighbours popped out and had a go, passers by tried, but no, it was firmly stuck.
We were panicking because we understood that if we didn't bring the car seat into the hospital they wouldn't let the baby leave shock. (This turned out not to be entirely accurate - they would allow the baby to leave as long as they were satisfied there was a car seat in the car).
The Mothercare staff member popped down to the car and effortlessly removed the car seat, much to our embarrassment. We had, apparently, been holding the thing the wrong way - a quick lesson and it was as easy as pie blush.
That was nearly 4 months ago, and we've only just worked out how to loosen and tighten the straps while the baby is in situ. So finally, it is much less stressful than it has been.

ginny Fri 16-Oct-15 08:29:30

A quick karate chop , right in the middle of the plank usually does the trick !

Only joking grin

Anya Fri 16-Oct-15 08:38:32

ginny that works on reluctant buggy users too.

Nelliemoser Fri 16-Oct-15 09:08:33

Even cats do the stiff middle thing when you are trying to get them into a travel basket.

Pippa000 Fri 16-Oct-15 09:20:27

When my GD was new born my DiL and I went shopping to Toys R Us baby department, loaded the car seat onto the pram base with no problem, did what we needed to do but could not remove the seat from the base to get it back into the car. DiL went back to the store but it was not a make they stocked so no help there, in the end, and in the rain, with me sitting in the car with GD all wrapped up DiL phoned DH and over the phone he talked her through taking the car seat off the base. Needless to say the whole event was not helped by us collapsing in to fits of giggles occasionally. GD slept through the excitement non the wiser as to how daft her mother and grandmother were. grin

grannyqueenie Fri 16-Oct-15 23:43:22

You're right they do Nelliemoser, whilst sticking all 4 legs out with claws fully extended, if I remember's been a while since I had to do that manoeuvre grin

grannylyn65 Thu 19-Nov-15 16:43:09

Have been practising with my (very) elderly teddy and have almost got it!!

Alea Thu 19-Nov-15 17:09:00

Teddies don't wriggle and squirm though! grin

grannylyn65 Tue 24-Nov-15 16:41:30

Almost being the operative word, went to check I had remembered and I hadn't !
1/2 later I have now got red painted arrows which will hopefully work
as teddy is over 60 he don't wriggle much grin

Iam64 Tue 24-Nov-15 18:33:35

I now have a suitable car seat and am considered a 'safe' person to transport the treasure that is our 6 month old grandson. I'm terrified as I'm designated to transport him from one place to another tomorrow. I am not convinced I know how to fit said car seat properly. It's heaving with rain so I didn't practice today. I am hoping tomorrow for a break between down pours so I can ensure I know how to fit the * thing properly.