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Am I being selfish about a new pet.

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nannycake Sun 06-Dec-15 19:20:26

Advice needed please. I've brought my family up on my own and am now a single Nanny with five beautiful Grandaughters who I see often and am involved with. I'm 68 and mainly have a busy life but I do get lonesome at times and so I have bought a puppy who will be coming to live with me shortly. My last pet died about a year ago and my home isn't the same without a pet. The problem is one of my daughters is allergic cats and dogs but mainly cats. As I mainly go to her house when visiting I felt having a pet wouldn't affect her allergy too much. She used to take anti-histamine before coming in and often used a puffer. Because of the Christmas period and spending time with her on Christmas daY I am going to keep the puppy in the car and take care of it from there. My son and other daughter want him to be included as their children are very excited about him. The last thing I want to do is to cause her distress He'll be in the car when I'm at hers. Although I know these problems are temporary and will only be for two days I'm beginning to wish I hadn't bought him.

Sadiesnan Sun 06-Dec-15 19:42:03

I think you've done exactly the right thing and bought yourself a puppy to keep you company. You've done so well raising your family and being a lovely Nanny, it's time to put yourself first.

My only concern is Christmas day, for the puppy. When are you getting it? Is it possible to delay it until after Christmas? If not then it would definitely be better in the car. A puppy would be overwhelmed on Christmas day in a strange house.

Are you going to use a crate? If so, will it fit in the car? If not then you can get a canvas kennel quite cheaply. The puppy will need to feel safe and secure.

Your daughter can just cope with her allergy, quite honestly. She won't actually come into contact that much. Enjoy your puppy.

Indinana Sun 06-Dec-15 19:43:25

Are you going to be staying there for two days? Staying overnight? I'd be concerned about leaving a puppy in the car overnight at this time of year when the temperature can drop drastically.
Are you buying the puppy from a reputable breeder? Because if so, I would contact them to see if they would be happy to have it back over the Christmas period. Always worth asking - if they care about their pups they'll want to make sure it's OK.

Indinana Sun 06-Dec-15 19:44:35

Sorry, I've just re-read your post and I see that you said you're spending time with your daughter on Christmas day, so not an overnight stay.

annsixty Sun 06-Dec-15 19:48:54

My daughter recently separated from her H of 23 years has bought 2 kittens although they are cats now. She says it is the best thing she has done and that a home is not a home without a pet. She has teenagers at home and they are as devoted as she is. Good luck and yes you have done the right thing, it is for you for the long term.

Iam64 Sun 06-Dec-15 20:10:05

When you say the puppy will be joining you 'shortly', I wonder how soon? It's only about 3 weeks to Christmas and your puppy will need time to settle in. I'd be worried about a puppy sleeping in your car overnight, the temperature can drop and people can be very unpleasant about dogs left in cars. I left mine whilst I nipped in to buy some milk, minutes later I found a very irate woman about to smash my car window because she thought what I'd done was cruel - this was two adult dogs, happily waiting in the boot.
Would the breeder either keep the pup till you get back or take the pup bak for the couple of days you're away.
Don't mean to be a misery - I love dogs and I'm sure your puppy will bring you joy.

Charleygirl Sun 06-Dec-15 20:17:09

A puppy is a lovely idea, especially as you have had a dog before.

I am also concerned about the puppy spending any time in the car at all because it does get cold very quickly. I appreciate that you are not staying overnight but the daytime T can drop quickly as you know. Also he/she will not be used to routine and this will be very strange.

whitewave Sun 06-Dec-15 20:21:39

Yes our breeder was happy to hang on to our new pup until we came back from holiday. He was 10 weeks and benefited I think from his mother's extra attention.

In my view you couldn't possibly leave him in the car, or anywhere as he is so new. Tiny puppies need someone with them. He will be so upset if left for any time.

Iam64 Sun 06-Dec-15 20:22:58

The other thing about the puppy staying in the car is how scared it will be, removed from its litter mates and mother, into a strange environment, then abandoned in an even stranger one. Toilet training will go out the window and your puppy may be be destructive in its anxiety. Do you have a friend who'd take your puppy over Christmas or maybe your son and family could have the pup whilst you visit your allergic daughter.

Sadiesnan Sun 06-Dec-15 20:29:16

It's obvious that we love the idea of you getting a puppy nannycake! I hope you get your arrangements for Christmas sorted, but one thing is for certain DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT GETTING A PUPPY x

Deedaa Sun 06-Dec-15 20:32:17

You are certainly not being selfish. Surely your daughter wouldn't expect you to spend all your time alone because of the odd occasions when she might come up against a dog?

merlotgran Sun 06-Dec-15 20:54:18

You can't possibly leave a puppy in a car for hours on end while you enjoy Christmas with your family

If you're beginning to wish you hadn't bought him you are obviously realising you should have given it more thought.

Sorry to be blunt.

Bellanonna Sun 06-Dec-15 20:54:34

I read your OP as 'two days' in your last sentence nannycake. Maybe you mean Christmas itself is two days, but that you will only be with DD for one day. Even still, a very young puppy should not stay alone in your car. He will be very anxious and upset, he'll whimper and as not toilet trained he will make a mess. It's lovely that you have got yourself a dog and I wish you much joy with him. But please do try to leave the pup with someone you trust and maybe pop back to see him during the day. Or as suggested could the breeders have him for the day?

nannycake Sun 06-Dec-15 21:23:12

I'm overwhelmed with so many helpful comments and advice. Thank you. I wouldn't like anyone to think that I would neglect my puppy. I'm collecting him on the 19th so he'll have time to settle in with me before Christmas day. It is only on this day that he may have to spend some time in the car in a warm soft crate. I will be checking on him constantly and so will other members of the family so he won't be short of cuddles or toilet breaks. I certainly wouldn't leave him in a cold car or during the night.
Thank you to those who believe I am doing the right thing it is very reassuring indeed. I know he will bring me a lot of pleasure and he will be rewarded by being taken care of really well.

Charleygirl Sun 06-Dec-15 21:31:40

I still think that you are doing the correct thing, just that the timing is wrong. That is no time for a puppy to be trained or have half an idea of routine in your house. I still do not think that he should be left in the car for longer than 5 minutes for reasons already stated.

Alea Sun 06-Dec-15 21:45:41

I worry whether the excitement of Christmas and lots of attention might be too much for the puppy? He needs a quiet corner to retreat to and surely a puppy crate would provide just that, well equipped with toys, his blanket, puppy pads (as a hectic house is not conducive to effective toilet training)
Excited grandchildren could make him very nervous, he should ideally meet them in calm and quiet surroundings.
To go back to your original question, No you are not being selfish, but bear in mind that a good start to his life with you will help your puppy to be the well balanced, secure loving dog you look forward to sharing your life with.
Please, please do not leave him in the car for periods of time, but give him his own little refuge and "nest" in his crate.

merlotgran Sun 06-Dec-15 22:00:31

What breed is this puppy?