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Meeting a Friend after 63 years!!

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Falconbird Tue 08-Dec-15 07:40:21

Because of the miracles of Facebook I'm meeting a friend I haven't seen for 63 years. We were best friends at Primary School and then my parents moved house and I thought I would never see my friend again. I thought about her over the years and she also thought about me.

We've spoken on the phone and have arranged to meet. I'm feeling nervous about it because it's been such a long time.

Has anyone met someone after such a long time?

hildajenniJ Tue 08-Dec-15 08:22:19

Lucky you Falconbird. There are two or three friends from primary school who I would love to meet again. I have tried a couple of times to find them but to no avail. I hope you have a lovely time together, nerves are to be expected, I would feel exactly the same. tchenvy

glammanana Tue 08-Dec-15 08:33:41

How wonderfulFalconbird I would love to meet up with some school friends who where part of our "gang" all those years ago,does your friend still live in the same area as you ?

bikergran Tue 08-Dec-15 09:16:53

lovely Falconbird your friend is probably just as nervous as you smile hope you have a lovely catch up smile

Auntieflo Tue 08-Dec-15 09:21:02

Wonderful Falconbird. I did meet up with a school friend after 50+ years, all thanks to my DH cousin who belongs to the Old Girls School Association (very apt these days) she brought along another friend and we had a great time catching up on all that has happened. Go and enjoy smile.

Alima Tue 08-Dec-15 09:35:33

I was able to contact a dear school friend via Friends Reunited and we met up for the first time in 35 years. Had a lovely time together, so much to talk about and we have remained in contact. Have a wonderful time with your school friend Falconbird. (We had taken old photos, school memorabilia etc to compare. Gave us loads to talk about).

Bellanonna Tue 08-Dec-15 09:43:56

How wonderful Falconbird. I'm sure she feels just as nervous as you. I, too, met up with a best friend about ten years ago now, I had often tried to find her over the years but it's more difficult to trace a woman, who is likely to have changed her name through marriage. We found each other in such a strange way. An old male friend of mine, from childhood days, lived next door to my friend's brother and the friend was visiting her brother one Christmas. The neighbour popped in for drinks and my friend and he discussed schools. He said oh, I wonder if you know ***? Of course she did and she left her contact details. I was thrilled to,bits and so excited to meet her. It was as though we'd just had a long holiday apart. All her mannerisms were the same, we had just both aged somewhat. She now lives on the South Coast but we meet several times a year. In fact I'm meeting her on Thursday.
I wish you many happy years of meetings and facebooj contacts Falconbird !

KatyK Tue 08-Dec-15 11:08:13

That's lovely falconbird I was contacted by an old school friend a few years ago through Friends Reunited. She asked if I like to meet up with her and another friend who are still in touch. I was going through a bad patch at the time and I said no. I should have gone I think. Maybe I will contact her again. Good luck.

Indinana Tue 08-Dec-15 11:52:32

I managed to track down an old friend about 15 years ago, now living in the Republic of Ireland. I lived next door to her as a child and we went to junior school together. Then we moved away and we went to different senior schools, and eventually lost touch.
In 2002 I wanted to visit Ireland with my DD who'd never been there, so we flew to Dublin, hired a car and did a bit of a tour, to include 2 days in Cork where my old friend lived. We had a really lovely time, with her showing us a lot of the local sights and giving us so much interesting background info. We met her husband and two daughters and lovely dog. A really lovely family and I was so pleased to have found her again, after about 40 years apart.
But, though we kept in touch for a while afterwards, it didn't last I'm afraid. Truth be told, we had grown apart, and now had so little in common there wasn't much other than nostalgia to keep the friendship alive. I'm glad i tracked her down and met with her again though - definitely no regrets.
Have a lovely time with your old friend, Falconbird, I really hope it goes well for you both.

Greyduster Tue 08-Dec-15 12:04:29

I hope you have a happy day, Falconbird! I met up a couple of years ago with a friend I hadn't seen since we were at school, when we were very close. We went out to dinner and had a good old natter, and, whilst it was very convivial, and a laugh, i think both of us realised we no longer had a lot in common. We seem to have exchanged roles in some respects; back in the day, i was the energetic, great outdoors, walking, cycling, climbing one. She was the dragged along kicking and screaming one. When we met up again I felt quite exhausted listening to her tales of trekking in Nepal and walking the Inca trail! She was intending to do it again and suggested that I might be interested in coming along. The Pennine trail would have pushed me to my limits, and besides, she was footloose and fancy free, having been divorced for some time, and i could not see DH being thrilled to bits about me buggering about in Peru while he was home alone trying to find hs way round a recipe for shepherds pie! We did get together for a drink after work a couple of times, and then it fizzled out. I suppose i envied her for a bit - but only for a bit.

Grandmama Tue 08-Dec-15 19:22:53

I keep in touch with 6 school friends, three of us are meeting up next week, one of them started school at 5 years old with me (all girls). Another friend (male) dates back to when we were about 7 or 8 years old. At the end of 2014 I bumped into a boy from my class at primary school, we hadn't seen each other after we both went to different grammar schools. We met for a coffee and keep loosely in touch, he said he had a crush on me at school! There are still a few of us college friends who exchange Christmas cards, two of us keep slightly more in touch and ring each other once a year and we met up last December for lunch and a long natter. When I meet these various friends, we just take up from where we left off last time, it never feels as if it's been a while since we met.

Grandma2213 Wed 09-Dec-15 02:00:14

Falconbird good luck. Let us know how it goes.

I am still in touch with two school friends and another two university friends by letter (usually Christmas I'm afraid.) The two school friends I would be a little nervous of meeting in person as they are pretty rich and have moved down to Oxford and London. Their lifestyles seem quite alien to me and it might be quite intimidating for a poor Northerner!

The two university friends, however, I would love to see again. I think I would be more comfortable with them as their lives have been very similar to mine.

Bella I too came across an old (male) friend in a similarly strange way. I won't go into detail as I'm not writing a novel but from the moment he stepped over my doorstep it was as if we had never been apart the past 35 years! Some things are meant to be I think!

Nansypansy Wed 09-Dec-15 17:39:13

I met up with an old school friend after 39 years. The amazing thing was, I found her on friends reunited and on THE SAME DAY, she found me on F.R. What was even more amazing was that we when were at school and lived 200 miles away, we found that now we live in the same county of Devon, furthermore at one stage she was living just a mile away!!! Amazing. We meet up every few months and still get on together.

Purpledaffodil Wed 09-Dec-15 21:35:08

A group of us who were at school together meet up once or twice a year. The group has grown over the years as people bring in other people they are in touch with and our last dinner involved 12 women! ( It was a girls' school obviously) In 2017 we are celebrating 50 years since we left school with a weekend away. smile

inishowen Thu 10-Dec-15 11:02:05

I hope it all goes well. I contacted a friend I hadn't seen since the early seventies. She would then phone me and talk talk talk, all about herself, her family, and her daughter's horrible mother in law! She never let me speak, she talked over me. She asked if I'd ever had a family. I said "yes, one daughter and ...." I was about to say and one son, but she didn't give me a chance and thought I just had one daughter! I had to stop answering the phone to her, and felt awful when she sent me a photo of her and her family, because I couldn't respond. It's been about three years now since I heard from her. I had a bad experience but wouldn't put anyone else off trying!

bluekarma Thu 10-Dec-15 11:16:35

I was in contact with a school friend via Friends Reunited then Facebook. We hadn't met for about 45 years. She was in the northeast still and I was in London. We arranged for me to come up to see her as she had a few health problems. I was going to stay at hers overnight and leave the next morning. I got a cab from the train station and when I was getting me bag out the cab the driver said she was crying. We hugged and we were both crying. We chatted to well over midnight and I ended leaving her house about 7pm the next night. We never stopped talking and laughing. She'd never changed and she said I hadn't. I had a wonderful time and was so pleased we had met up. I said I'd come back the next time I was up and we would have a few days away together further up the coast. I have to say that it was so good to see her and talk about our time at school and our lives since then and it did her the world of good. However within 4 months she died. She was the most happiest person and laughed all the time. Her daughter rang me from Canada to tell me that her mum had died. I feel thankful that we met up and I think of her with such affection often. I just wish we had been able to have those few days away. Just do it Falconbird x

Candelle Thu 10-Dec-15 13:51:07

I have not made contact with anyone via Facebook or Friends Reunited etc., but am still in contact with a friend I met on my first day in infant's school. She was designated to look after me (she began school the previous term) and I thought of her as a 'big girl' as her birthday was, in fact, a month before mine.

She also had a gymslip with a sash with a fringe at the end and I was insanely jealous (I wore a pleated skirt).

Living quite a distance from each other, visiting is not as easy is it could be were we geographically closer but we still meet up every year and correspond regularly (email is great!).

Candelle Thu 10-Dec-15 13:54:21

Falconbird - sorry, I meant to wish you a wonderful day. Would you let us know how it all went?

nathansgran47 Thu 10-Dec-15 15:37:56

Hope you have a lovely time and a good natter. Falconbird. I met up with an old friend a few years back after many years and we still meet up every month and e mail regularly . On the other hand I met up with an old primary school friend and although we had a great time talking especially about our parents (. Of course not many people remember them when you get to our age!) we did find our lives have gone in very different directions and we don't have a lot in common these days. So we meet up once a year which is lovely . Am sure you will enjoy yourselves.

Bellanonna Thu 10-Dec-15 17:22:19

When is your meeting Falconbird? Do let us know. I was really nervous the first time I met up with my old friend. We were clearly both out to impress, but thank goodness we can now be ourselves again, warts to the fore. I met her again today and, both conscious of the passing years, we have upped our meetings to several a year. We exchange presents this time of year and always have so much to say when we meet. We haven't had similar lifestyles (she married someone very well off) but we are the same people underneath as we ever were and I'm only too sorry we have missed out on so many years. I hope the meeting is a success and look forward to hearing about it.

Synonymous Thu 10-Dec-15 19:53:16

Hope you have a really happy time "Falconbird".

Like you, "greyduster" I met with a few old school friends after about 40 years and whilst it was interesting that they were still recognisable we really had nothing in common and so it fizzled out. It was uncanny how some people's childhood characteristics had not changed at all, sadly. sad
I would not be averse to meeting others in hope that there might be something there. confused

louisamay Thu 17-Dec-15 20:50:33

I met up with some old 'comrades' from my time in the airforce. We had been teenagers serving in the communications section on a fighter station in Norfolk at the time of the Cold War.
Six of us met up in London after not having seen each other 40 years. It was fantastic talking over old times. My only problem was that one of the group of six was an ex boyfriend and he seemed to think he could take up where we left off! As were all staying in an hotel overnight I had to go to great lengths not to let him know my room number!
Had a great time though reminiscing about all the places we had been to since last being together, the marriages, divorces, children and grandchildren.

Falconbird Sun 20-Dec-15 10:15:11

I did meet up with my friend (see OP).

It was amazing and the years just fell away. We plan to meet again and I hope this happens.

I couldn't help but think back to the times when we played together at school with no thoughts for the future.

Our lives turned out very differently but perhaps our friendship was meant to be.

jusnoneed Sun 20-Dec-15 10:37:43

Glad you enjoyed your get together, it's amazing how once you get chatting it seems as if you have never been out of contact.
I meet up with two school friends (I'm in Dorset, one in Somerset and the other in Cheshire at the moment although she visits Somerset regularly) and we have great fun, next year we all celebrate a big birthday so hopefully can do something special. We met up a couple weeks ago at a pub for lunch, the lad behind the bar asked where we were from. We explained and he said "well you certainly know how to enjoy yourselves, lots of laughter" Good friends, good company.

Candelle Sun 20-Dec-15 11:14:26

Hi Falconbird

Thanks for letting us know how your reunion went. It's strange how the years really do fall away and we are our childhood selves, again. Our childhood friends probably know us best of all.

Glad you had a good day.